marathon weekend

  1. C

    Logistics questions for race weekend

    First time posting, love the info this board provides! I am running my first Disney ½ marathon in January and am hoping someone can answer a few questions for me: 1. Will the family be able to take a bus from All-Star at 6:00am to watch me finish? 2. How far from the finish line will the bus...
  2. Y

    How does the wine and dine marathon effect the traffic and crowds on AK and MK

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to travel to DW from Nov 1 to Nov 9 for my birthday trip (Nov 2 Sat is my birthday and it is the same day that one of my family members who passed away before I was born, so I never ever celebrate my birthday for the past 25 years...I know, it is really really...
  3. rteetz

    Dopey Shenanigans! A Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend TR (Completed-videos added)

    Hey Howdy Hey! I am back for another trip report! For those that don't know me I am Ryan, Rumors and News board moderator, DIS contributor and once in a while podcaster, and college student. I have a very busy life but I like it that way. I get bored when I have nothing to do. I come from the...
  4. GollyGadget

    Running Renaissance: 2018 WDW Marathon Training Journal + Age of Enlightenment (pg 14)

    This training journal will tell the story of my running renaissance. Why a renaissance? Well, let’s start at the beginning…Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful princess.. just kidding. I started my adult running in 2010 when a friend decided to run a half marathon and I thought...
  5. rteetz

    runDisney Events and Registration FAQ

    Hello and welcome to the runDisney Events and Registration FAQ! A lot of people have talked about wanting or needing an FAQ thread so I figured we could start one. One of the great things about FAQ threads is the participation, and I encourage everyone that has questions, comments, and answers...
  6. Ariel484

    Four Parks, One Dope: A 2015 Dopey Challenge Trip Report!

    Hi DIS friends! Are you ready to run? The main cast for this report is me, Shannon, and my husband Will. This picture is from Marathon Weekend in 2013! We were joined by my 3 BFFs and their husbands (and one of their kiddos!). Why were we all in Walt Disney World on this weekend in...


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