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  1. ksueboo

    HS Live Stream today?

    Does anyone know of anyone doing a HS live stream today, Saturday 8/15? Or anyone that posted on from last Saturday? Thanks!
  2. Mickey18girl

    Transportation tips based on August trip

    Hi all! Just some tips based on my recent trip: I scheduled a Lyft ride the night before to reach park opening at AK -- which was really fast and efficient and you could replicate at other parks. Or just request a car in the morning vs ride the bus for a quick ride. I would probably get a...
  3. monica9

    Here Now & Just Back WDW Reopening Experiences

    Moderator Note - All Off Topic Posts Will be Deleted. Stick to Here Now /Just Back content and relavent questions or your post may be removed from this thread. The Community Board is a great place to discuss the virus. Thank you. Looking for a thread to check out for the first day back at...
  4. S

    How long should I budget for Oga's?

    Hi, I will be traveling to Disney World mid to late January 2021. I'm hoping to secure a 5pm reservation at Oga's Cantina when my reservation window opens. I'm also planning a dinner reservation at Sci-Fi Dine-in around 6:15 (assuming they do bookings in 15 minute increments). Do you think I...
  5. J

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway - Soft Opening??

    I’ll be in WDW next week for a few days. Our last day in the parks will be in Hollywood Studios on Tuesday, March 3rd. Have there been any rumors or does anyone have any insight on if they will have a soft opening for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway on the 3rd?? I would love to be able to...
  6. C

    New Rumour Suggests Disney’s Hollywood Studios Meet and Greet Lineup Getting Slimmed Down

    According to Theme Park Tourist’s Amanda Kondolojy, Disney’s Hollywood Studios‘ Character meet and greet lineup is getting slimmed down. Should this rumour be true, the listed below character meet and greets will be getting the axe: Mike from Monsters Inc. – Walt Disney Presents Bo Peep from...
  7. M

    Bus Transportation and Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

    I am looking forward to a 4 day trip to WDW at the end of the month. I am traveling in a group of 7 and staying at Coronado Springs Resort. We are doing one day at HS on Saturday, February 29. I have followed along very closely the strategies to get a ROTR BG. However, I have not seen much about...
  8. B

    Hollywood & Vine - Disney Jr only at Breakfast or at Lunch too?

    We did the character meal for lunch 3 years ago. I have checked a variety of blogs and the official disney restaurant pages and cannot tell if the Disney Jr. characters only come out for breakfast or if they're there at lunch too. If you have been there for lunch, can you let me know what...
  9. 1

    Single Rider Lines

    Planning our day at HS. My husband will ride rock n roller coaster but I don’t like it so I typically sit out. I’m trying to decide if I should use a FastPass for him or have him wait in single rider? How long is single rider line compared to whatever the wait time is in the stand by line?
  10. P

    Cast Member Block Out Dates Question

    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum with the hopes of getting some input about a concern that I’m having. I am a cast member with Disney and I’m planning my first trip to Disney World (last visited as a toddler so no real recollection) with some friends for about mid September. At this...
  11. 1

    Reservations for Ohana and Cape May Cafe

    I am planning a trip in September and trying to decide the best time to make reservations. On the day we go to Magic Kingdom, I would like to go to Ohana for dinner and then make it back to the park for fireworks. Do you think a reservation anywhere from 5:30 and 6:30 would be enough time? Is...
  12. S

    New Fastpass Tier Predictions

    Hello, Hopeful thinking, but I've been thinking about all of the new attractions that are opening/have recently opened in Epcot and Hollywood Studios and have been hoping that they are going to have to change the Fastpass+ tiers at those parks. I thought it would be fun to hear your predictions...
  13. E

    Question about queue for RotR

    Hello everyone. Quick question. I understand you have to be in DHS in order to join the boarding group for RotR. Do you have to stay in the park in order to keep your spot in the queue? My mom and I were going to go to DHS at open and join the boarding group and then maybe head over to DAK if we...
  14. H

    The Rise of Skywalker Theories and their Implications for Galaxy's Edge (possible ride spoilers)

    Hi Everyone! I have been watching a lot of theory videos on YouTube about the final Star Wars film. I am at this point convinced that Kylo Ren is going to have a redemption arc. That being said, what do you all think this means for Galaxy's Edge? Kylo Ren has been running around Hollywood...
  15. C

    tower of terror broken sound

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else noticed how quiet the sound effects are in the drop shafts on tot recently. thanks!
  16. Mickey18girl

    Hollywood Studios evening crowds on morning extra magic days?

    For anyone with the experience, I was wondering if on the days when HS opens early for extra magic, if crowds thin out later in the day (re: the early morning crowd leaving the park before dinnertime and park close). Thanks!
  17. M

    Where should we eat on our DHS day?

    I'm looking for suggestions for a table service meal on our DHS day - preferably for an early dinner so we can catch Fantasmic after. It doesn't have to be at DHS but could also be near the resorts our families are staying at - Pop and Carribbean Beach. We are a party of 10 w/ two toddlers, a...
  18. S

    The Magic of Disney Animation 7 Dwarves picture

    Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this - In the Hollywood Studios, The Magic of Disney Animation, there used to be a very large picture of the 7 Dwarves Cottage. Does anybody know what became of this artwork? Thanks SC °o°
  19. R

    Shrek sized at USH and worried about Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

    Hi everyone, I'm really looking forward to my upcoming trip to USH but SO WORRIED about fitting onto Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Does anyone have any experience on this ride they wouldn't mind sharing? I've been researching a ton and I feel like I'm totally on the borderline of...
  20. Mickey18girl

    Where to work with a laptop at Hollywood Studios?

    Hi all! I'm fortunate that I can do some of my job remote, and I often work in Disney trips so I can play without taking as many vacation days. For the first time I'm looking at actually working IN a park for a few hours, namely Hollywood Studios. My work battery is getting old and would love to...


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