first time

  1. T

    Fast Passes???

    Hi. What is the best strategy to use My Fast Passes? Which rides should I use them on? Remember this will be My first time visiting Disney World in early September.
  2. dwonderz

    Dutch & Matt Take On Disney - Our First Time in Forever Feb 2020 TR - UPDATED 5/27 - COMPLETE

    Hi Everyone :wave2:! My name is Dutch and this is my first time writing a trip report! I’ve been lurking on the Dis Boards since I was a teen and have loved reading everyone’s reports over the years … and finally thought maybe it was time to try myself! It will most likely filled with a lot of...
  3. R

    First time Disney family (2023 with 5&7 y/o)

    Hello! I stumbled upon this today and I know I’m crazy early, but I’m planning a 2023 vacation to Disney World. My kids will be 5 and 7 and since it is in 2023, I’d love to get some insight now on how long we should plan on going for and everyone’s must-do experiences for younger kids. Is this...
  4. Emie06

    Disney World first-timer and first solo trip ever

    Hello! I've always wanted to try travelling solo and I love Disney so I've decided to celebrate my 30th birthday at Disney World!!! I've been to Disneyland twice with my fam and I LOVED every single second I spent there. But I haven't been to Florida, so that makes me a bit nervous, oh and did...
  5. B

    4 more weeks till my First trip to DLR

    Hey everyone, This will be my first time at DLR and I just realized I only have 4 more weeks, we will be there Dec 4-10th, I have a few questions, is there a special Christmas party like at WDW?? What are must do things? Great places to eat etc...I appreciate any help it is kind of...
  6. Hopeybear1207

    One day in November questions

    My boyfriend and I are in Paris and are planning on one day for Disney. I've started the planning to make sure that we can make the most of our time. We are planning either the 11th or 12th...a few questions Is it worth it to go to Studios with Crush and RnR closed? It looks like Studios...
  7. M

    What to Pack for FW Campsite!? Please help - TIA!

    Good evening FW enthusiasts! We are going to FW on my very first camping trip...EVER! We are a family of four (kids 12 and 8) traveling with another family of four (kids 7 and 4)...neither family knows what to pack. We know we need to take tents, sleeping bags, a fan, lanterns, twinkle...
  8. F

    Wife’s first time

    I am surprising my wife with a trip to Disney world. This is her first time so I want to announce it perfectly. I was thinking a scavenger hunt or a riddles. I have the idea but need help with clues. Any ideas or help??


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