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    Christmas at Disneyland vs Disney World

    We are planning a surprise trip to Disneyland this year for Christmas. We have never been to Disneyland and thought it would be a fun change for our girls ( age 10,5,3). We are headed to Disney World in 9 days and love Disney World. My husband was talking to a woman today who has been to Disney...
  3. Heatherhy01

    Our "We're with the band" Trip!

    Hi everyone!:hippie: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather, 44 year old Mom of 2 daughters, married to her first love for 20 years this year and all around Disney lover! I love all things Disney but my favorite all-time character would have to be that little purple...
  4. Newsies

    ShellieMay, Slinky Dog, and the SCRUNCHIEST Thanksgiving Ever! - A Nov 18 TR *FINISHED! 4/28*

    our story is about a theme park resort, a large theme park resort, and the hundreds of thousands of people who visited it for thanksgiving 2018. it presents itself like so many other theme park resorts all over the world: expensive, sparkly, and full of churros. get closer, though, and you...


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