copper creek villas

  1. S

    Welcome Home Split Stay - 4 Resorts!

    We have our very first stay as DVC members coming up in just 8 days! Our kids still don't know we're going or that we are DVC members (they listen to the podcast with me and will be out of their minds when they find out). We're doing a 4 resort split stay: 2 nights @ Poly (studio, actually have...
  2. S

    Buy now or onsite?

    We've decided to buy 100 points direct at Copper Creek. We already have a trip planned in early December. I had planned to do a tour while we are there and then buy, but now I'm thinking we should do it before we go. I'm assuming that even if we buy tomorrow, we wouldn't be able to use our...
  3. L

    Direct DRV vs CCV

    Hello! I’ve been bouncing around the idea of grabbing some direct points before Sept 16 and had almost decided on riviera. Resale restrictions do bother me but I’ve accepted that if I purchase it is to use for my vacations not to resell (resale is just an added bonus if possible). After...
  4. D

    Question about buying resale.

    Hello fellow DVC Members! I'm looking to purchase a DVC resale contract. I've found one (GFV) however I read that as of 2016 if you buy resale you are not entitled to shopping, merchandise discounts, member exclusive events and other perks. I already own direct from Disney (CC) so if I...
  5. mrsap

    •The Official COPPER CREEK VILLAS & CABINS Owners & Lovers Group•

    :welcome:to The Official Copper Creek Villas & Cabins Owners & Lovers Group! Feel free to come in and discuss your upcoming CCV or DVC Resort vacations! **ATTENTION NEW CCV OWNERS** If you'd like to be listed on page 1, under the Owners Lineup, please post your information string like this...