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    Is this worth anything?

    I have a copy of the banned The Little Mermaid, black diamond classic edition. Its sealed, never opened, and has original labels on it. From eBay , it could be worth $5,000-$15,000. But mine is sealed. Nathan Katz
  2. C

    Looking for a Specific Magic Band

    Hello all! Taking my boyfriend to Disney World in March 2020. It will be his first ever Disney trip! While looking through Magic Bands, there is one he fell in love with, but we can't find it anywhere. Not on the Disney store (not a surprise, considering it's a little older), but not on Ebay...
  3. J

    Show Me Your Park Used Collectibles!

    Hey All! I love collecting things that were used in the parks: uniforms, pieces of rides/props, old pieces removed during renovation... What do you guys have?!
  4. J

    The Hunt at Stitch's Great Escape!

    Hey All! I came across this awesome prop that I think is from Stitch's Great Escape (That's what I'm being told... I think it's from there too). Wondering if any of you Stitch lovers have seen this in the queue, ride, shop afterwards etc... I think it was in an acrylic case so people can't touch...
  5. J

    Is This an Error Masterpiece Clamshell of Pete's Dragon?

    Just going through our collection and found that the copy of Pete's Dragon we purchased at Target in the early 90's does not have the "Masterpiece Collection" or castle printed on the front or spine of the Clamshell. It's still sealed...I have been searching google images and have not found...


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