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  1. HomerHog

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    There is a whole thread dedicated to the pros/cons of the program expected to launch tomorrow. Does anyone have any details on the logistics? I'm not here to debate the righteousness of it, just the mechanics that we have not seen fully disclosed yet. We have a qualifying DVC stay coming up...
  2. Z

    Brothers Trip | Maxing out Disney before Star Wars. PTR (in depth) Aug 17-26 2019

    ~ The last “slow summer” Maxing out Disney before Star Wars. Aug/17-26/2019 (In Depth pre-trip plans and thoughts) Basic Universal plans at end if interested. Resort: Yacht Club (Club Level - Water View) Fast pass: 42 Booked (6 days CL fast passes) Dinning: DDP Booked (16 table service w/...
  3. H

    Club Level Extra Fastpasses vs. VIP tour?

    If you had to choose and the costs were the same, would you prefer: A) Club Level Room, 4 days at the parks with the 6 Fastpasses per day (3 regular Fastpasses + 3 club level Fastpasses with the 90-day booking window) B) Regular Room, 4 days at the parks with the 3 Fastpasses per day, one day...
  4. tbholc81

    Club Level annnnnd No Kids; An August 2018 10th Anniversary Trip Report-Completed 12/28

    Welcome to my second trip report! Check out my PreTrip Report Here I hope you enjoy following along an reading about our trip this past August. We booked this trip as a bounce back offer last January when my Wife Deb ran the Disney Marathon. The good news was that the offers at the time made...
  5. tbholc81

    It's been 10 years! A No Kids With Us Anniversary Pre-Trip Report/ August 2018- Completed 8/10

    Welcome! Although I am cutting this pre-trip report close I was determined to finish my last trip report before starting this (if you're interested you can read it HERE). As you can probably tell from the title this trip is for our 10th anniversary! We are cheating a little bit because our...
  6. MommaBerd

    TL;DR (well...sorta) SDL Review

    I plan to do a longer review, but since I have some time (which has been a rare thing!), I wanted to do a brief update. ~ I ordered SIM cards through the China Unicom website, which directed us to Amazon. No problems whatsoever, with the exception of my phone blowing through 1 GB of data the...
  7. Shannon R

    A Very Disney Birthday Celebration July 2018 PTR

    Welcome welcome!! My husband and I are knee deep in planning 2 Disney trips for 2018 and I need an outlet for all of my Disney excitement, so here we are! :welcome: My name is Shannon, I am a 29 year old wife and mother by day, and recreational Disney trip planner at night :hyper: I have loved...
  8. JodyLynC

    Austin Family Blowout Aug. 2017

    When we started planning this adventure, I realized this would be the last WDW trip while my DDs were still in school. We have been twice with them. Once when they were 2 1/2 and again shortly after they turned 5. The first time we stayed in a Poly standard room just to be close to MK. We...
  9. TheLittleKatie

    JAMBO! It's The Magic That Can Happen When It's Autumn! - *Updated 04/25 - p18*

    JAMBO! Wow, tough crowd. Let me try that again. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! Hello again Disboards! My name is Katie and I’ll be your skipper, your guide, your swim instructor, your ghost host, etc etc etc, but most importantly, your storyteller. Welcome to my third trip report! In...
  10. TheLittleKatie

    And Everything You Do, CELEBRATE YOU! - Poly CL TPV

    It’s the time of your life, You don’t wanna miss out, On right here and now! There’s so many reasons why, You don’t wanna stop, It’s your chance, live it up! And everything you do, CELEBRATE YOU! party: WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME party: I’m Katie :wave2: Welcome to my second trip report...


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