1. Meglen

    **November 2019***

    Didn't see a Nov 2019 thread so decided to add one. We just booked today we rented points for the first time and got the contract all done.!!! Nov 7-13 !!! Bay lake theme park view!! Squeeeee
  2. B

    Help Planning 3 Days with Kids

    Hi Everyone! We are working on planning our upcoming trip in November! We will be there 11/17-11/19 (Sun-Tues). There will be 4 adults who plan to spend all three full days in the park(s) and a family with 2 adults and 2 kids (one will have just turned 3, the other is almost 6). The family...
  3. S

    Videos with break-downs, closures, and other changes of plans

    This is the kind of thing that takes a long time to build so I am starting it now in the hopes it will be full for us and everyone else when and if we need it. I watched this video today of a guy encountering a broken monorail and having to switch to a bus which put him behind schedule for...
  4. Disney Dream - Nemo's Reef

    Disney Dream - Nemo's Reef

    (Walt Disney Imagineering Concept Art ) Disney Dream - Nemo's Reef (Early Concept Art)
  5. AK Games 5

    AK Games 5

  6. AK Games 4

    AK Games 4

  7. AK Games 3

    AK Games 3

  8. AK Games 2

    AK Games 2

  9. AK Games 1

    AK Games 1

  10. Turtle Talk with Crush

    Turtle Talk with Crush

  11. FOTLK parade

    FOTLK parade


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