1. Carol_

    What are you buying on impulse?

    I try. I really do. But this pandemic can’t hold me back! I bought shares of McDonald’s today and I’m feeling the rush of an impulse shopper! What have you bought recently on a whim?
  2. 3TinksAndAnEeyore

    Airport Proximity to DLR and Ground Transportation Information Superthread (READ FIRST POST FOR OVERVIEW!)

    UPDATED 1/07/20: Please Read the Last Few Pages of This Superthread to Keep Up to Date on the Many Recent Changes in Ground Transportation to/from DLR Area Airports! Updated 4/20/18 Table of Contents Airports California Car Seat Law Tour Bus Companies Shuttle Services Taxi and Ground...
  3. J

    Upcoming Discounts or packages?

    Hi all, My family is looking into a trip out this June, I was wondering if we have any discounts that may be running that time or special packages? Any advice helps. Thank you!
  4. R

    Food budgeting?

    I'm trying to grasp how much is a good amount to budget for food each day. It's only myself and my boyfriend. We're staying in the All Star hotels so we've got the Quick Service breakfast credit which we're planning on using for dinner each day. It comes with a drink too! I've priced up all...