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  1. Meglen

    **November 2019***

    Didn't see a Nov 2019 thread so decided to add one. We just booked today we rented points for the first time and got the contract all done.!!! Nov 7-13 !!! Bay lake theme park view!! Squeeeee
  2. F

    FOP during Animal Kingdom after hours?

    For people who have gone to AK after hours, how has your experience been with Flight of Passage? What was the wait time like, and what were your strategies as far as what time of night to get on it? I bought after hours primarily for FOP and to tackle my Expedition Everest fear (never been on...
  3. D

    Help with annual pass holder discount?

    I’m not an annual passholder yet but plan on upgrading on my arrival day. I have 6 tickets to after hours events already purchased, would have saved $180 if I was an AP. If I upgraded without using any tickets could I get the discount applied towards my AP upgrade or credited back? In hindsight...
  4. GADisneyDad14

    **Disney After Hours-Hollywood Studios** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the Hollywood Studios "Disney After Hours" FAQ & Discussion Thread :welcome: Quick Links: Post #2 - Event Description Post #3 - Event Dates & Times Post #4 - Ticket Price & Discount Information Post #5 - Open Attractions Post #6 - Open Shops / Quick-Service Locations Post #7 -...
  5. GADisneyDad14

    **Disney After Hours - Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the Magic Kingdom "Disney After Hours" FAQ & Discussion Thread! :welcome: A centralized thread for Disney After Hours (DAH) information, discussion, and questions. Quick Links: Disney After Hours Event Information & FAQs Post #2 - Event Description Post #3 - Current Event...


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