1. Timandalicia

    VIP tour help needed.

    Going to book our first tour. 👏🏼👍 Wondering what people think of length of time is good? How far can you get on 10 hours?🤷🏻‍♂️ How do we eat without losing valuable time? In order to shore up touring plans, where do you enter the parks? Can we meet our guide at a ride to start the clock? My...
  2. F

    First Time At WDW And First Solo Trip Ever!! Tips and advice?

    Sure hope I posted this in the right location. Anyways... After long nights and grueling months of thinking, planning, staying safe, working, moving, watching tons of videos, and reading hundreds of blog posts, forums, and articles, I have finally did it. I'm going to Walt Disney World for the...
  3. crowellaf

    Fjords for Our Honeymoon July 2022 - (help! first timers!)

    We're having a Disney Wedding but are Florida locals, so the parks weren't really "honeymoon worthy." We considered Mediterranean Cruises, but something about the Norwegian stops and Fjords just put stars in our eyes. We're looking at RC or Celebrity Cruises that depart July 2022...
  4. S

    60th Birthday Trip For My Mom

    My mom and I have a trip planned for her birthday this year in the end of September. It's a big two week trip, and I really want to do something EXTRA special for her. We're best friends and I want to make this birthday one she'll never forget. Birthdays have been rough for us for many years...
  5. DmaxHawk

    Grand Californian Super Thread

    Edited: 11/7/13 Well lately I've been seeing a lot of questions being asked about the Grand Californian, and since I will be staying there in March, I thought it would be helpful to make an information super thread about it. So if anyone has any specs on the building, room related...
  6. cobenz

    Looking for advice - BC and BW

    Trying to plan a trip for me and 4 of my (adult-aged) friends. We are renting DVC points for the first time in order to give DVC a try (yay!). We typically stay at value or moderate resorts when we go and we usually get the disney dining plan because we love being able to sit down for meals...
  7. D

    WDW With an infant?

    Our first post here, and looking for any advice and tips you all may have to offer! We are visiting WDW for the 3rd time together this May, but the first time with a child of our own! Our little baby Thea will be joining us for her first trip and will be 3 and a half months old when we fly. We...
  8. R

    First time Disney family (2023 with 5&7 y/o)

    Hello! I stumbled upon this today and I know I’m crazy early, but I’m planning a 2023 vacation to Disney World. My kids will be 5 and 7 and since it is in 2023, I’d love to get some insight now on how long we should plan on going for and everyone’s must-do experiences for younger kids. Is this...
  9. A

    I worry my breakup has ruined Disney World for me

    I've know my ex since I was 13 and we were together for most of the past 9 years, but we broke up a couple of months ago. Last May him and I went to Disney World together for the first time - I'd been before with my family but it was his first trip and it was so much fun. When we got back we...
  10. G

    Advice for Disneyland with a broken foot?

    Hi there! So my husband and I are leaving for Disneyland for our honeymoon next week and I unfortunately broke my foot last weekend (the day after our wedding). It's a relatively minor break so my doctor said I can walk on my foot as long as I'm wearing my aircast. I really don't have any pain...
  11. M

    Maybe Baby?

    Hi all! I'm very excited that I'm planning a FIRST TIME Disney World trip for the end of February! WOOHOO!!!! I have a slight damper. Things have been hectic in life, and a positive pregnancy test is another whirlwind! I'm going to get confirmation from my clinic today, but I'm kind of losing...
  12. tangledmermaid

    Frizzy hair nightmare! SOS

    I have wavy/frizzy hair which I usually straighten but last year when we went to Disney I spent aaaaages doing my hair, stepped out into that humidity and POOF!! Destroyed. I had to either keep my hair tied up for two weeks, which also looked terrible, or just put up with the poofy, sweaty mess...
  13. M

    Disney Field Trip for College Science Club Advice

    Hey guys, I recently joined my school's science club and should become president in the fall. I am considering having the club do a Disney tour that is science-related. Currently, the club consists of engineering, physics, life science, and health science majors. So far the tours I have found...
  14. C

    First trip back for a while, couple questions/advice seeking, Galaxys edge opnions

    First time posting on here. I have been to Disney my whole life but with recent years my anxiety has gotten alot worse and this trip is going to be a big one with its going to be celebrating my birthday the first day we go to the parks as well as my first big trip being a man ( i'm female to...
  15. TandDandE

    Suggestions Wanted: Where to stay the first night?

    Hi Friends, I'm hoping you could share thoughts or opinions on where to stay on my first night for an upcoming short trip in October. DD's school has THUR (10/10) and FRI (10/11) before Columbus Day off. So we planned on taking her out of school on WED (10/09). initally we didn't want to take...
  16. P

    In-Depth Veteran Advice Requested

    My boyfriend and I are going to WDW in the first week of March 2020. Right now, our full park days are M-F of that first week. This trip is a huge deal for us, because we've been dating for almost 6 years and we've wanted to go to Disney since day 1. We couldn't afford it for the longest time...
  17. Nuclear Monkey

    FP+ and Rider Swap

    The last discussion I saw on this was when the one hour return restriction came into being. What’s the latest on the need for both adults to have a FP reservation for rider swap? Is it still ymmv or is there consistency now?
  18. A

    Would I be entitled to the DAS

    Hiya! I was wondering anyone could help me Long story short I have LQT which is a heart condition (it doesn’t effect my ability to use most of the Disney rides yay) but does leave me feeling exhausted very quickly. I plan for this accordingly with well spaced out fast passes and all my meals are...
  19. R

    Rocketeer Merch

    Hi All! I am going to Orlando for Universal Horror Nights in late October with a quick stop at Disney Springs for an afternoon. While there I wanted to get some merchandise shopping in and LOVE the character/movie Rocketeer. Disney, however, has limited items for this character. Figured I...
  20. Leopardchucks

    10 day touring plans for my first visit

    Hello all! I'm very much looking forward to any feedback and advice y'all may have for me. This will be my first ever trip to WDW, but I've been to DLR like a million times. :smooth: I have been tinkering with my schedule for the past few months and my FP+ window is rapidly approaching. I...