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  1. miztressuz

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    You shouldn't get it, but I haven't tried. Although I'd think if there was a glitch someone would have mentioned it by now. Target Circle Earnings rewards are not earned on the following: adult beverage purchases; purchases of prescriptions and over-the-counter items located behind the...
  2. corgi_monster

    Options for getting food - help a 1st timer out!

    We have Instacart here on Oahu and they will deliver food from Costco, Sam's Club, Safeway, and a few other places. Be warned that the prices on Instacart run about 20% higher than in store. Safeway has their own grocery delivery service and there's usually a coupon for $20 off your first $70...
  3. jessic2422

    Grocery Delivery FAQ

    I have shipt and prime now. I will be ordering alcohol. I live in an area that doesn’t have prime now but I have prime so I assume I can use it? Does it matter which I use? Staying at GF next week.
  4. Pumpkingirl7

    Grocery Delivery FAQ

    I’m a Shipt shopper and user... can I get Shipt to leave my items at bell services. I will not be ordering anything cold
  5. dansdad

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Personal experiences with this have been posted within the last couple pages of that thread. Everyone else has complied so far, Walmart has been the only hold out.
  6. C

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    This is the first I’m seeing mention of this having skimmed the first and last few pages of the grocery delivery FAQ thread. Do the various companies comply with this? I was planning on using either Prime Now, Insta, or Shipt
  7. D

    Safeway Grocery Delivery?

    This may be a silly question.... do you need to be a costco member to get instacart to deliver from costco?
  8. Marshmelo

    Tell me your best scheme

    Do you have any gold or silver jewelry you no longer want that you can sell? Any collectibles? Are you crafty at all that you could open a shop on Etsy? It won’t make you a lot of money but try Ibotta, swagbucks, shop kicks, etc. Have you thought about driving for Uber or Lyft or maybe doing...
  9. dburg30

    Grocery Delivery FAQ

    Shipt order from Target. I think we'll just pack as many of the dry goods etc as possible. Milk / eggs / cheese / frozen pizza will just check resort store inventory.. Or just see how it looks and have that stuff delivered if it's up and running / restocked.
  10. TestingH2O

    8 Night Fantasy Cruise with Pre-Stay at Universal Cabana Bay June 2019 (Updated 11/03)

    June 19 - Cabana Bay As we arrived at the hotel, there were big storms blowing in. Because of this, all the pools and outdoor activities were closed for a while. We decided to enjoy happy hour at the lounge while we waited for our grocery and alcohol order from shipt to arrive. The happy...
  11. D

    Safeway Grocery Delivery?

    I know Instacart does that in Phoenix but it was late when I checked and was looking more for the address of Delivery. Good to know they deliver Costco in Hawaii too! In March I’m taking my sisters and their 3 boys we have a 2 Bedroom Villa, and keeping their hunger sated is a priority, bulk...
  12. corgi_monster

    Safeway Grocery Delivery?

    I second Instacart in Hawaii. They can deliver your Costco and Sam's Club orders as well. Hawaii Targets use Shipt for their delivery service. Target doesn't have as large of a selection as Safeway but is much cheaper.
  13. jessa07

    Grocery Delivery FAQ

    We had Shipt dropped off to Coronado back in February. Not sure if the experience would be any different now that the tower exists, but then, they took our order and kept it refrigerated. We had issues getting it delivered to our room though - they didn't bring all the bags at first and it took...
  14. momto3boysillbe

    UPDATE: Rant about the GCH...and Undergarment Thief

    Yes that’s what I would have done. I was thinking you could have Shipt deliver them from Target but I don’t think they do clothing items. Not yet anyway!
  15. jessa07

    Grocery Delivery FAQ

    Has anybody used Shipt to have Target deliver, AND had it left at Bell Services? I'm a little worried with the whole bag thing, that the regular Target bags are too "see through".
  16. go cowboys

    Which grocery delivery service do you use?

    Shipt. We used it often while at WDW and even at home. Free delivery if you spend more than $35 and you can often find trial memberships and cancel after you get home. I can send you a link for $50 (regularly $100) a year if you want. And they bring it straight to your villa
  17. disneymagicgirl

    I love credit cards so much! v2.0 (see first page for add'l details)

    I didn't think I got the 30% Newegg offer b/c when I tried to add it, the site was glitchy and I was at WDW so I didn't remember to go back and try again. Well I just saw it did end up on one fo my cards, just not one of DH's. DS9 wants a Nintendo switch for Christmas. This is nuts b/c he got...
  18. C

    The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread Part 4

    Our stay isn’t now only a few weeks away, so I’m starting to plan out more of the details - any recommendations on grocery delivery services? At home I use Shipt, but was curious if anyone had recommendations for the area. Last trip we used Garden Grocer; they left our things at guest services...
  19. MrPTato

    I love credit cards so much! v2.0 (see first page for add'l details)

    I do DoorDash and drive for Uber on occasion. When I turn the app on and see that I can make $30-40 in a half hour I am all over it. Nice side hustle and Uber includes Turbo Tax and all fillings for free each year. PPDG???
  20. magickingdomprincess

    I love credit cards so much! v2.0 (see first page for add'l details)

    Ooh, super exciting! I love Luke Bryan! He seems like such a nice guy. If he's not I don't want to know :rolleyes: My favorite is Eric Church though. He is totally awesome in concert! Same here! >:(


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