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  1. CarolMN

    Will MVMCP be as crowded as MNSHP?

    I think it will be just as crowded, if not more crowded than past years. There is a new Holiday projection / fireworks show debuting this year.
  2. CarolMN

    Renting out my points

    IMO, that risk is very small and not one that I personally would worry about. David's and the other rental brokers attract owners and their points (the supply) based on their good reputation. (Most of the brokers offer owners similar terms for their points). If something happened with...
  3. CarolMN

    Add on Riviera or wait for Reflections??

    Me, too. Lots of upset over BCV. I've posted this before, but I prefer the "no-jet" tubs. Those things can get really gross and IMO, need a good cleaning with dishwasher detergent or bleach before use. Cleaning them wastes a lot of water.
  4. CarolMN

    Riviera Sales by the numbers (vs CCV) for 2019 - (Sept data added 10/10)

    This thread seems to have drifted off topic and into a debate (which is not allowed on the DIS). Here's a link to the first post for those of you that need a reminder of the topic...
  5. CarolMN

    Add on Riviera or wait for Reflections??

    AFAIK, the master bath in the BWV 1 & 2 bedrooms still has the jetted tubs. At least the one we were in last December (2018) did.
  6. CarolMN

    splitting an existing 6 day reservation for dining?

    Personally, I wouldn't risk not getting he 2 nights back and would forego the dining plan, especially if the Jambo reservation was for something that's not available when your window opens. But you may be less risk-averse than I am or not worried about ending up with only the first four nights.
  7. CarolMN

    Walk me through a booking ...

    Yes. Closing costs are per contract.
  8. CarolMN

    Which company do you use to rent out your points?

    OK - where's the link to said firm? ;) ;) :teeth:
  9. CarolMN

    Travelex - DVC trip insurance

    Thanks, Frederick Civish! That was a lot of good information. :) Hope all your family members had good outcomes.
  10. CarolMN

    Riviera Sales by the numbers (vs CCV) for 2019 - (Sept data added 10/10)

    2 thoughts: 1. The restrictions do not prevent renting. But they do prevent using the "SAP" to rent & reserve the more expensive (newer) resorts. Perhaps that is the main goal here. Of course, so many resale points are grandfathered, that won't matter until those SAP contracts get sold...
  11. CarolMN

    Unable to Cancel Reservation On-line

    No, that shouldn't matter. There has to be something "stuck" in your device or in your account. When you talk to MS, ask them if there is anything they can see that isn't right with your account.. If not, maybe someone in IT can look into it for you. Good luck!
  12. CarolMN

    Unable to Cancel Reservation On-line

    If you aren't trying to beat a deadline (for banking or avoiding hold status, etc.), send MS an email with relevant details. They should be able to handle it for you and you can check online the next day to make sure everything ended up as you expected.
  13. CarolMN

    BWV - great room! 12/2003

    Yes, it is a standard view room.
  14. CarolMN

    BWV - great room! 12/2003

    But only the decor (and appliances) and smoking policy have changed. Rooms are still there, are still the same large size with the "wrap around balconies", and are still very frequently requested. :)
  15. CarolMN

    Is this normal?

    Congratulations! Now you get to wait again for the contract to show up and your points to load. Hope it goes quickly for you. 😊
  16. CarolMN

    How difficult is it to reserve a Grand Villa at OKW or SSR at 7 months out?

    Also depends heavily on the time of the year. This post by drusba is from 2016, but still rings reasonably true: Grand Villa Availability at 7 Months
  17. CarolMN

    Skyliner breakdown and BWVs

    Agree with you. We have not experienced "awful" bus service at BWV, either. We travel in late April/early May, October and late November/early December. (Not all in every year, though). For the past several years, BWV has shared only with the Swan & Dolphin, and BWV is first stop. Perhaps...
  18. CarolMN

    Poly for Rent/Trade Threads

    The timing of transfer threads is pretty random. We mods see many more Point for Rent threads than Points for Transfer or Points for Rent/Transfer. It usually doesn't take very long for the Transfer threads to get results, so you really have to be very quick to respond - especially for the...
  19. CarolMN

    Points Question

    Yes. Borrowing is a final transaction. So you'll have to use those points before your 2020 use year begins on 8/1/2020.
  20. CarolMN

    Points Question

    If you have an August use year, your 2019 points are good for stays between 8/1/2019 and 7/31/2020. If the points in your account right now are not available to bank, they must have already been banked (from 2018) or borrowed (from 2020) or in holding status (from a late cancellation)...


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