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  1. siren0119

    Is this doable?

    Whoops! My brain has clearly already checked out for the night lol
  2. siren0119

    Is this doable?

    Likely because you can't park anywhere near the main gate of Magic Kingdom. You have to park at the Ticket & Transportation center, then wait for a monorail that will bring you to MK. At HS you are parking in the vicinity of the main gate, though you'll still have some time either with walking...
  3. siren0119

    Sports/music versus pop

    We just stayed at Music and stayed at POP on our last family trip down. Other than the lack of Skyliner I can't say I felt a huge difference between POP and Music. Room size was the same, and Music is currently in the process of getting the same renovation as POP. If anything, I felt like we...
  4. siren0119

    Looking for Reasonable Hotel Stay for 5

    Yeah, you can't even get suites at the Disney Springs "official" WDW hotels (The ones that get the 60 day fastpasses and EMH) that include a full kitchen. If you'd be willing to give up the stove and the washer/dryer in unit, the Doubletree has suites that sleep 6 for around $200-250 a night...
  5. siren0119

    How far is the monorail station from the resort buses at Epcot?

    Nope, they're too close for that to make sense, unless it's raining and they can't run the Friendship boats.
  6. siren0119

    Priceline Express Deals

    The only one I saw for either dates looked like the Dolphin, one night was $162 and the full range of dates was $182 per night
  7. siren0119

    DME Times

    Generally speaking, it's about 90 minutes from plane landing to arriving at your resort (if you're flying in domestically). Peak time doesn't really matter, when there are a lot of guests arriving they add more buses, and since DME is by reservation they do a pretty good job managing the logistics.
  8. siren0119

    Hotels already sold out in October 2020?

    I just pulled up the week of 11/8-11/14 on the US Disney website, and there was availability in all room categories at POP. It could be that the packages you're trying to book are sold out, but the resorts definitely aren't.
  9. siren0119

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Dining - Oga’s + All Quick Service Food and Drinks

    I see this as a missed opportunity to add something to the datapad too. There are already Translate activities, no reason something couldn't have been added related to the menu items.
  10. siren0119

    How many days will I need to see the whole park?

    LOL We've been three years in a row and STILL haven't been able to see and do everything. As PP mentioned, you can get a good experience in a full day (park opening to closing) at each of the four individual parks. Not everyone can tour like that, so if you're the type who needs to rest...
  11. siren0119

    Cheer competition, value resorts and how far out are the resorts set aside/booked?

    You can also check right on the ESPN Orlando website - there's an Events tab that you can select the month, and it will show you everything booked for that time frame. With the national competitions, they tend to book the same week/weekends years in advance, so it's pretty likely that the same...
  12. siren0119

    2020 MNSCHP and MVMCP in one trip?

    The Christmas party has started on the 7th or 8th of Nov pretty consistently but as PP mentioned, never on a weekend day. We won't know for sure until they officially announce, but since both days fall on a weekend next year I'd put my money on them starting either 11/6 (Friday, not as likely)...
  13. siren0119

    Cheer competition, value resorts and how far out are the resorts set aside/booked?

    There are two major cheer competitions between May 1 and May 10 next year, so it's very likely the All Stars are already reserved for teams and families (not necessarily blocked by Disney, but already booked by guests)
  14. siren0119

    Universal Annual Pass Query

    Yes you have to activate your AP at one of the guest services booths. You have to verify your identity before they will activate the AP so it has to be done in person.
  15. siren0119

    Tell me about Providence, Rhode Island

    LOL it's actually a pinecone (that's what La Pigna means in Italian) - but we've always called it the pineapple and it's a common misnomer for locals ;)
  16. siren0119

    Should I talk to Disney about this AK DAH experience?

    I really feel like the confusion about wait times was more of a case of crossed wires than anyone giving "bad" information that would require Disney to intervene. The DAH event started at 10pm, but you tried to enter the line at 9:15 - so at that point you would not be automatically sent...
  17. siren0119

    Priceline Express Deals

    That's what I thought too - the hotel fee was throwing me off though because it should be $100 not $75. We were looking at the Doubletree anyway so it's a win regardless!
  18. siren0119

    Priceline Express Deals

    I'm pretty comfortable with the PLE deals for Disney hotels, but now I'm looking at Universal area hotels and I'm not sure what this one might be. Dates are 4/19-4/25. Canary says it's either the Doubletree, or one of the 3 Universal Lowes deluxe resorts. I assumed it was Doubletree, BUT...
  19. siren0119

    Tell me about Providence, Rhode Island

    Federal Hill area is good for italian food - look for the pineapple archway! Wickenden St also has a lot of good places to eat and little shops all over the place. Trinity Brewhouse has great craft beers, and if you can catch a show at Trinity Rep I would strongly recommend it. If you like...
  20. siren0119

    HOw far in advance

    The earliest you can book is 499 days in advance if you are paying for a cash room. You have to call to book that early, rather than do it online. If you are planning on renting points for a DVC room, the earliest that rooms can be booked is 11 months in advance (and only people who own points...


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