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  1. disneyeveryyear

    Has anyone used parksleepfly website?

    We have used it a couple of times for STL. Be sure to check the websites for the hotels you are looking at. The last time, I cancelled our PSF reservation because it was cheaper online at Marriott.com.
  2. disneyeveryyear

    Doing the Happy Dance-Target RED Card

    Thanks for the reminder. We are headed down for a one day visit before we get on our cruise ship in September, and I may as well save 5% on our tickets.
  3. disneyeveryyear

    How superstitious are you?

    That is exactly what I did. I couldn't believe it was left wide open for me.
  4. disneyeveryyear

    How superstitious are you?

    I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. - Michael Scott
  5. disneyeveryyear

    Amazing Race is starting tonight after Survivor

    I wish it was random people also, but I am in for the season. I was disappointed in the first elimination, but I need a little more info before I pick favorites.
  6. disneyeveryyear

    SW If you want to sit with your kids

    I also had this happen once. The odd thing was that the other 3 family members who had EBCI purchased at the same time had A numbers. Since I had EBCI I didn't worry about checking in right at T-24. By the time I checked in, I was a high C. I contacted SWA to determine that they had someone...
  7. disneyeveryyear

    Resale Question

    My recent resale purchase had a pending offer, but I came in at full ask and therefore it was an immediate acceptance.
  8. disneyeveryyear

    SW If you want to sit with your kids

    We had a flight from BOS to STL today on SWA. We were all boarded with nothing but middle seats left when the FA got on the intercom to announce that we had a mother boarding with 5 daughters and needed to get seats together. She did indicate that adult beverages would be provided. When they...
  9. disneyeveryyear

    Walmart Kills Savings Catcher Effective May 14th 2019

    I have been fairly successful with Savings Catcher, with almost $600 in earnings over the life of me using it. I always cashed it in for Disney Gift Cards. Now that it is more difficult to do that, and Walmart pay is required, I will probably stop doing a lot of shopping there as of May 14th...
  10. disneyeveryyear


    I own a Sunpass just for our travel to Florida. You can order it online from sunpass.com. You can preload any amount and you input your car info. We rent a car, so I just add the rental car while my DH is loading the car. You have to walk over by the airport terminal because cell service is...
  11. disneyeveryyear

    For those who RECENTLY rented from Alamo @ MCO....

    We picked up Saturday, March 1st about 10:15 a.m. We had booked a minivan through Alamo (I had booked standard car, intermediate SUV and standard SUV hoping to save a few bucks, but my DH decided he didn't want to mess with looking through all the aisles, so 2 days before, I cancelled...
  12. disneyeveryyear

    March 2019 Car Rental Watch

    We are arriving this Saturday 3/2 - 3/9. Our minivan rate dropped another $20 again this afternoon.
  13. disneyeveryyear

    Anyone nervous to do their taxes?

    We are still waiting for 1099s on one of my DH's investment accounts. We are going to take our info to an accountant for the first time this year. With W-2s, 1900s, Schedule C, DD's 529 plan and her scholarships, and the investment accounts, I was just getting concerned and decided to use a...
  14. disneyeveryyear

    What is the most physical pain you have experienced?

    I haven't had long term, chronic pain, and I am very thankful for that. I can agree with childbirth on Pitocin when an epidural didn't work. Short-term pain - shot in the roof of my mouth at the dentist. It brought tears to my eyes.
  15. disneyeveryyear

    Ugh the terrible 20s

    I stated the info about their universities in response to some parents who were discussing how much info they get from their colleges. I wouldn't mind an email reminder for tuition. It seems to creep up on me before I think about it and I need to transfer from the 529 to pay tuition. I...
  16. disneyeveryyear

    JUST FOR fUN: I sometimes want to tell my __ , xxx

    to my husband: Pick a TV show, put down the remote and stop flipping the channels!
  17. disneyeveryyear

    Ugh the terrible 20s

    As the mother of a DS24 and DD19, I can tell you I have never received ANY information from their universities. DS went to a state university and DD attends a religion-based out-of-state private university. I did ask them to sign up so I could see financial and grade information, but that is...
  18. disneyeveryyear


    I am sure you will love it, as we do. We purchased in 2004 (after kicking ourselves for not purchasing during a 1993? tour) and have added on 3 times (2x direct, 1 resale). Our resale purchase in 2018 saw double points (2017 banked), which made it possible to do a week-long trip to VB in a 2...
  19. disneyeveryyear


    Sorry, I assumed (we know what that means) that you were a current owner using current points.
  20. disneyeveryyear

    Resale Company? Recommendations, please!

    I used Shontell at DVC by Resale and was very impressed. She was always willing to answer my silly questions (my 4th contract, but 1st resale), and was quick to keep me updated on status. If you are looking for a specific contract, I would get on the email lists of all of the major players and...