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  1. su_A_ve

    "Filtered" cruise insurance link

    Question - since the problem is with linking directly to them (and not about a competing business) why cannot it be named as "the full name dot com" for example? Assuming of course the filter doesn't pick it up...
  2. su_A_ve

    iMessage complimentary on the Fantasy this past week

    iMessage on United flights is also free...
  3. su_A_ve

    5650 White Wall on Wonder

    Note that the cost showing online will be different that it will apply to you, as when you make the change, the new price will be based on what it was at the original booking date. More likely that price was lower and hence a bigger difference..
  4. su_A_ve

    Palo Brunch...

    AFAIK, dress code still enforced at Palo. Not like the MDRs where it's just a suggestion now.
  5. su_A_ve

    Placeholder Booking & Changes

    Unless this change recently, the deposit (10% or 20%) used to be based on the cruise fare only and not include taxes and port fees. Here's an example of a reservation for an upcoming sailing - note that this was an opening day reservation not done onboard or using a placeholder (I reshoped on...
  6. su_A_ve

    Empty Parking Garage?

    Nearby hotels would give 40% discounts for parking at the port if you stayed there the night before. Those days are gone so it's cheaper to park off site or even rent a car.
  7. su_A_ve

    Secret portholes - have you been moved?

    We booked one of the secret portholes on the Wonder. Has anyone one had the bad luck of being 'moved' to another stateroom? Since it is a cat 10A deluxe inside stateroom, they would have to move me to the same or better, correct? My concern is they would move us to a 9D or 9C with smaller...
  8. su_A_ve

    Digital Photo Package question...

    Yeah, still an issue since you can't scale them to 5x7 or even 4x6. In the past, I've done added an additional black or white border, and even edited the border to make it fit. Depending on the border, it is easier on some than on other pictures.
  9. su_A_ve

    Is PIF Depression Real?

    Well, Costco makes you PIF 2 weeks earlier... Recently paid off our upcoming cruise and was able to do it all in Disney GCs and Disney Visa Rewards - yeah! Except later we decided to upgrade category, so had to lay out the visa again...
  10. su_A_ve

    Costco booking question

    Costco's PIF is two weeks early, however they are flexible with that date. They don't want the hassle of having to cancel for non payment. Your options are: * Pay in full by Costco's date * Call Costco and ask for an extension (this may only buy you a few days) * Move your reservation but rates...
  11. su_A_ve

    Disney Wonder - Alaska cruise July 22, 2019

    Well, just PIF and upgraded! I'll join the FB group after we announce it to the (not-so) kids (18 and 22 at time of sailing, since I'm afraid if I join, the one on FB may get prompted to join the group. Initially booked on 11B but was able to upgrade to a 10A secret porthole.
  12. su_A_ve

    Alaskan Cruise- transportation advice

    Back in '16, we flew to Seattle. We rented a car one way from SEA-TAC dropping off at the Port of Vancouver. Same thing on the way back. Cost with Alamo at the time was about $75 each way (1 day rental).
  13. su_A_ve

    Apple Watch, Verizon Data Plan - Overseas Cruise?

    Good question. Watch although tied to the same number, it actually behaves as a separate device much more a Jetpack. But from what I hear, Watch cannot roam, so it will continue to work while connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth or WiFi.
  14. su_A_ve

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    The RMN online offers are done by cookie tracking right? That is similar to EB and TCB? Best done from iPhone or computer (disabling adblock and whatnot)? So far only done the in store offers, but was going to do the $10 on $95 at shopDisney.
  15. su_A_ve

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Hmm - not seeing the Staples offer - I missed it? Also, the RMN $5 on $50 at Sams - what GCs are you buying? Don't see Disney ones other than the $75... And does Dosh work with online purchases? TIA.
  16. su_A_ve

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Discover has 5% back on groceries but exclude Walmart and Target. Wonder if GCs purchased at Shoprite would get denied.. Of course assuming another bonus with purchase comes out.
  17. su_A_ve

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Will be going to the not so local Sams this weekend. Is Dosh still doing anything? Never signed up so wasn't sure if it was worth it. I maxed out Discover 5% already, so thought about double dipping Dosh and Uber. If not I'll wait till after the holidays so not to get CC billing shock.
  18. su_A_ve

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Agree - already got burned with $300 in BB when they stopped accepting it... Slooowly using those funds as I prefer Amazon for most.
  19. su_A_ve

    Cell Service

    Travel Pass does not work while at sea, only on the international ports. With Cellular at Sea, you can make/receive cellular calls, but note it is expensive - $2.99 a minute. You can also pay for the cruise's Wifi plan. With newer phones, you can enable WiFi Calling. As long as you have an...
  20. su_A_ve

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Heads up - ShopRite will have the following offer on 11/23 and 11/24. Purchase $100 in any GC (excluding SR GCs) and get a coupon for $20 off groceries to redeem the next week. Only ONE deal per ShopRite Price Plus Card.