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  1. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Gummy Bears

    I like the peach rings. Yummm. Apple rings too. Sour gummy worms. Also really good.
  2. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Tag Fairy

    The tag fairy gave me my avatar. She's the Avatar fairy now.
  3. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    You think the lines at Disney and Universal are bad...

    Actually there is a fast pass. Ascent via the northeast ridge instead of the southern col. But it's a lot harder because you have to remain at altitude longer.
  4. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    You think the lines at Disney and Universal are bad...

    Any back pack you see has spare oxygen bottles in it. There is no reason to carry a full back pack up to the top otherwise.
  5. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Only a few minutes to go

    What like system. Oh THAT new system. Time for me to go look for some trouble.
  6. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Good Conscience?

    The mods, are mostly volunteers. They can't be here 24/7/365 and it is a holiday weekend. Why don't you cut them a little slack?
  7. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    If ya want to eat an apple

    You'll be pleased to find out that here in the U.S. the Gala apple has surpassed them in sales. And it's precisely the storage thing that made Red Delicious sell so well. They could be stored longer than most apples enabling them to be sold longer than most. Also, they look pretty on the...
  8. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Good Conscience?

    It's not quite so easy a decision for me. Suppose I don't like law X and it's absolutely an abomination to me. Do I punish everyone in the state that passed law X for the actions of a gerrymandered legislature by going nowhere in that state? And what about states that didn't pass X...
  9. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Places you would never want to go on Hoilday

    I have another to add to my list. In addition to the Ark encounter and chain restaurants I would like to add Any place where someone defaced the natural beauty of the place by carving somebody's likeness on it. That would include Mt Rushmore and Stone Mountain. Imagine Yosemite if someone...
  10. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Turkey Burgers

    Turkey Burgers? What's next? Ketchup on your hot dog? Get the less expensive grind. You will find it's about 85-15 or so. Plenty enough not to break apart if you don't try to flip it and flip it and flip it. Just make sure you oil your grate or brush some on your burger to prevent...
  11. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Local Foods?

    Welcome to the internet, where some people answer the thread title without reading the first post. And if there is no such key word in the thread title......
  12. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Call your shot (NBA)

    Well well well. Clearly the better team is down 3-2.
  13. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Call your shot (NBA)

    I'm wondering how well Leonard is going to continue to hold up. I guess we'll see.
  14. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Game of Thrones - Season 8 - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

    And Dorne sure would have done so. Dorne was never conquered. It was in by alliance.
  15. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Would an opinion piece like this be written in your town?

    The article flirted with greatness but it needs a rule to put on do.
  16. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    College Board's new SAT "Adversity Scores" will impact college admissions

    Though it didn't violate guidelines in the least given the response, I concluded someone was upset with that particular tangent. As such, I thought it better to just take that part down. And therefore won't continue with it in open forum.
  17. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    How tall are you and how tall would you want to be ?

    I might like to be a little shorter so as to be less intimidating. I'm not sure how much though.
  18. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    How tall are you and how tall would you want to be ?

    So he could play for the Cavs and lose to the Warriors.
  19. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Would you rather

    California with no hesitation. Your wish is granted. Poof. Welcome to Riverside, CA with temps routinely over 100. :)
  20. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    No Soliciting sign

    I don't have one. But there aren't that many door to door sales people around much any more. Maybe the pest control companies. But with them, I'll just tell them I'll call them when I have something that needs spraying. Wasps are the main thing. The school kids with fund raisers sometimes.