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  1. bianca

    Not impressed with the Snow White meal at Artist Point

    Sounds pretty much like our experience EXCEPT that our entrees were brought out before our appetizers. We obviously sent them back. Character interaction was just so-so ..... felt rushed. The whole experience felt rushed, but that seems to be the norm for Disney anymore.
  2. bianca

    Would you be mad? Cancelling via text message... Vacation plans

    Sorry, but I wouldn't even be trying to salvage a friendship out of this.
  3. bianca

    The worst household chore..

    For me, it's bottle returns. Here in MI, we pay $.10 for every can and bottle when purchased. You have to take them back to these gross, smelly rooms attached to the grocery store and load each one individually into the machine to get your receipt printout. It takes forever, is gross (I wear...
  4. bianca

    Have you ever banned someone from your house?

    Only once have I banned someone. A short backstory. My husband's niece married this guy she met online from Jordan. He moves to US, and she invites everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner to meet him. First, he insists that he and my husband eat first while the women serve them ..... that...
  5. bianca

    I suspect Riviera must not be selling as well as they hoped it would

    This was exactly our thinking when we purchased 50 points at RR. In addition, we only plan to stay in a studio for 6 nights every other year and needed the 11 month booking for that. We have 575 points, so essentially, all of our stays will be at our other resorts.
  6. bianca

    DVC Membership satisfaction survey

    I got one! Didn't get a magnet or glossy Riviera brochure, but got this.
  7. bianca

    Where to meet Marie?

    It's rumored she may be in the lineup for the new character breakfast at Riviera when it opens in December.
  8. bianca

    Quick Service at Hotel Pools?

    Absolutely. You can order anywhere. The problem lies in the fact that you may be illegally pool hopping.
  9. bianca

    Quick service dining plan - when is it “worth it”?

    My husband and I did the QS plan on our recent trip and it was our first time trying the dining plan. Like others have stated, it is only worth it if you drink alcohol. My husband and I would both order beer with our breakfast and take them back to the room frig before heading out for the day...
  10. bianca

    Seven Seas Cruise

    We did it in January. It was fun and the drinks/food were good. It was interesting to talk to so many owners. That being said, for us, it was a "one and done" thing. I did think it was a good value.
  11. bianca

    Just bought direct!

    Congratulations! SSR is a beautiful resort.
  12. bianca

    Easter baskets?

    My dining room is currently being taken up by a 3x6 foot box that holds a Captain America 12V Dune Buggy that I have purchased for the grandsons. I decided last year after spending around $100 for a bunch of stuff that my daughter had to police, to do just one big gift. I always used Easter as...
  13. bianca

    How Many Points Do You Own?

    Yesterday, we had 525. Today we have 575, as we did a 50 point add-on at Riviera yesterday. We have found the add-ons to help in securing studio stays or short visits at resorts my husband and I stay at by ourselves. The bigger contracts we use for family stays with the kids and grand kids...
  14. bianca

    Best pool at the Grand Floridian

    The DVC pool has a nice little bar and food building. They have the best lobster sliders and crabcakes!
  15. bianca

    Poll: Are you going to buy at Riviera

    This was our position initially. We thought we were good with our 525 points. However, because it has become darn near impossible to get a studio anywhere you don't own, we are ending up doing a small add-on. We always get a 2 bedroom AND a studio to accommodate everybody. Since we know we...
  16. bianca

    Soaring tour shut out streak continues

    I am 0 for 3. I've given up. I love the idea of charging!
  17. bianca

    Opinions From Those with Dogs

    We took our three dogs with us in December for 3 weeks. Worst vacation ever! It's not that they were horrible or anything, but they took up so much time that we didn't enjoy ourselves. While they normally sleep in at home, at FW the minute they heard other campers up, we had to get up. There...
  18. bianca

    Riviera Model Room Tour

    We were invited to a presentation like this when they were starting up Poly sales. They did a presentation in a small auditorium at the preview center, followed by snacks/drinks while you had an opportunity to ask guides questions and tour the rooms. There was also a Stitch photo op and...
  19. bianca

    Riviera availability at 7 months

    We will be booking a 2 bedroom. My thought is that if the pattern continues wherein people only buy enough points for studios, then we might be okay because of the larger point requirement for the room. Thinking maybe some Copper Creek owners can weigh in on how it went for them with the new...
  20. bianca

    Riviera availability at 7 months

    We are planning a January 2020 trip and are currently booked at Kidani. We were thinking of trying out the Riviera instead. I know the resort opens in December, but are ALL of the rooms available or just part of the resort? We've never stayed at a new resort before and were curious about...