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    What to pack for Zion/Bryce/GC

    Hike until you want to turn around. Hiking bottom up you cannot go further than Big Springs without a permit, this is a 8.5 mile out and back hike. It's SLOW going as you are walking in the river over slippery rocks which is kind like walking on greased bowling balls in the dark. This is about...
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    What to pack for Zion/Bryce/GC

    Bryce is at elevation and gets cold. Prepare for that. Not sure if the Narrows (Zion) will be open in June as it is dependent on water flow and weather but the Narrows is a great hike. Period. But an even better hike when it is hot outside as you are literally hiking up a river and in shade most...
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    Are there any good restaurants outside Disneyland?

    Some amazing Vietnamese food is in the area if that is what you are looking for...
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    San Diego: Catamaran Resort or Best Western Island Palms? Other?

    We stayed at the Catamaran for a week last year when we had some work being done on our house and needed to vacate it. We had a blast. I say this as a longtime San Diego resident - it really felt like being on vacation despite the fact I was going to work everyday. We actually talked about...
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    Any Vegas strip hotels meet my qualifiers?

    Ah, yes Vdara. That's what I was thinking of. They all blur together... Good hotel. One of my favorites.
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    Any Vegas strip hotels meet my qualifiers?

    Flamingo might work for you. Good location. I like Aria but it lacks a casino which could be a pro/con in your book. Also smoke free.
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    1 Day San Diego to DLR On Train, am I crazy!!

    Totally doable and totally safe but you won't be able to do opening to closing as we like. I often take the train up to WonderCon and it's a breeze. Driving is also pretty easy - go early, I like to leave at 5:30 AM and traffic is pretty light until Anaheim. When I leave after the park closes...
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    Saving Money on Food???

    My son and I usually eat something in the car driving up like a scone or a muffin. We each have a corn dog for lunch. For dinner we split a Turkey Leg and then hit the bakery up for some sugar on the drive back home. I carry almonds, beef jerky, and a piece of fruit each in my backpack. I might...
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    Salt and Straw

    Olive brittle one is awesome. Nice salt citrus flavor. But someone is really really stoned when making up their flavors.
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    Crowds November 17 to 20

    Son's birthday is the 16th so we usually go that day - past few years have been absolutely bonkers crowd wise. We have a blast, but I wouldn't expect a light day, especially since it's on a Friday this year. We're shooting for the 14th this year hoping it'll be lighter crowds.
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    San Diego over Labor Day weekend?

    It will be miserably crowded. But the water is amazing and the leopard sharks are out in La Jolla (harmless to swim with, and awesome). Plan to arrive at the beach early and stay all day.
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    Palm Springs Living Zoo?

    We found the gardens a bigger draw than the animals but we live next to the San Diego Zoo so we're a bit spoiled. Better early morning or dusk as many of these animals are nocturnal and get more active then. But it sounds like zoos are not for you. Not sure when you are going, but it should be...
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    L.A.'s Korea Town

    I love Korea Town but unless I'm missing it, it's mostly a bunch of Korean businesses and places to eat and where a large population of Koreans live. Lots of strip malls. I like how it brushes up with some of the older Jewish neighborhoods as well. You get some really fun blocks with lots of...
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    Worth spending only a few hours at Legoland?

    Every time I've been we've arrived at opening and left and closing and have never seen the entire park. Of course my son can spend 3 hours playing at the racetrack and lego boat path so your mileage may vary.
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    South Lake Tahoe with kids?

    We love South Lake Tahoe and visit for a few weeks every summer. But we're a very outdoorsy family. Cool things to do: Hike Echo Lake in the Desolation Wilderness Area and then take the water taxi back to the car. Fishing at Sawmill pond (it's stocked with fish and only kids can fish)...
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    care to look over our itinerary & maybe suggest restaurants?

    day 2 - coronado island, old town for lunch, belmont park/mission beach, point loma/sunset cliffs That's A LOT to cover in one day. I'd skip old town for Mexican food (I think it's a tourist trap) BUT there are a few decent places Ceviche House ("raw" fish marinated in citrus). Super light...
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    San Diego

    I'm not sure I'd use long lines to determine if a place is good or not. I mean Olive Garden is always crowded, but to each their own.
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    San Diego

    There is the sea cave that is pretty cool. Just south of La Jolla is PB and Mission Beach. Mission Beach has Belmonts which has a great wooden roller coaster and boardwalk games. North of La Jolla is Torrey Pines State Park which is a great hike. Also has a glider port and we love watching...
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    San Diego

    Full day, the zoo and Balboa Park. It's a beautiful zoo and just feels like San Diego. Balboa Park, where the zoo is located, is a wonderful park filled with museums and places to sit and explore. I end up in this park 5 or 6 days a week. It's a gem. I never get tired of it. I'd avoid Old...
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    Halfway spot between DLR and San Diego

    San Clemente might be what you're looking for. Nice beach town, plenty of dining options. Might want both look at using Amtrak as you're driving at peak traffic times.