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  1. tinkerjo

    Two weeks with a baby

    I totally agree here!! We have always taken our kids from little babies on vacation with us and we also drive everywhere!! It’s not always about the “remembering” but getting used to the way you travel and the younger you start them the better. If you wait for the perfect time, it may never...
  2. tinkerjo

    Looking for feedback- pros and cons of visiting WDW & Universal on same trip.

    We went to universal when youngest DS was 2. My older kids enjoyed it but said it was just OK. We did 2 days which was plenty but this was prior to HP world. DS2 stayed back with grandparents on day 2. Just wasn’t enough to keep him entertained. We went pre Disney cruise and that worked well for...
  3. tinkerjo

    Two Kids, Two Parents....One Hotel Room?

    It’s always been hard for us because we had 4 kids and they were spaces so far apart. We stayed at ASM when the oldest 3 were 8,6,9months. What a disaster that was. Those rooms and beds are so small. After that we either stayed in the cabins at fort wilderness or stayed off site (Ton of space...
  4. tinkerjo

    MK morning without a stroller?

    If the train is open make sure you use it to your advantage. Helps save the feet a little
  5. tinkerjo

    Preparing for large family group.

    No, you don’t need magic bands when staying off site but the kids might enjoy them. Basically you can still use them to enter the parks and to use your FP+ selections but you can also just use your tickets and save money but they make cute Christmas presents. They have some nice themed ones out...
  6. tinkerjo

    Unique tips for Christmas/New Year’s at WDW

    We actually were in HS and they started handing out the noisemakers and hats about 5pm!!!! Several hours of horn blowing before I gave up and went back to the room with a rip roaring headache
  7. tinkerjo

    Pop-up ads

    I am getting one but it’s addressed to Apple user or Verizon user. Only on this site and very irritating
  8. tinkerjo

    Unique tips for Christmas/New Year’s at WDW

    We left early NYE. The noisemakers are awful!! I couldn’t stand it. New years day was empty till about 11-12 for us and the next few days (the weekend was over) was the slowest we ever have seen at WDW. I actually took a picture going back to safari ride in AK. NOBODY as far as you could see. We...
  9. tinkerjo

    First time- what holiday specific things are there at WDW?

    Oh how I miss the Osborn family lights. That was the best!!!
  10. tinkerjo

    Do you keep your young kids up later at Disney?

    I didn’t read all the replies but I could have wrote this same post 3 years ago. We were doing a large family trip and granted my grandchildren were much younger (19 months and 6 months) but their parents sent them to bed every night about 6:30-7:00 (for them it was because they were lazy and...
  11. tinkerjo

    Coming from Disney Cruise- What time would you aim to make first FP+?

    Why Uber? Doesn’t Disney take you and your luggage???? Like DME?? Maybe it takes too long but I know I have seen the DCL busses at the resorts
  12. tinkerjo

    Coming from Disney Cruise- What time would you aim to make first FP+?

    I’m sure you will have a great time!! I love them both but also have never done them both together. I personally would pace myself though. For some reason I am tired after a cruise and never understand why because I should feel refreshed. Lol
  13. tinkerjo

    Coming from Disney Cruise- What time would you aim to make first FP+?

    Agreed!!! Especially since a lot of times castaway cay is your last day of the cruise and you are likely to be tired from all the sun and fun. Disembarkation day seems early after a cruise of sleeping in every day. Seems we also skipped breakfast so we could get out faster. I wouldn’t do one...
  14. tinkerjo

    Disney with Tweens... any good tips/advice?

    bring more money, they eat more!!!
  15. tinkerjo

    One Day at Epcot

    Another vote for living with the land, my kids love it and we always RD soarin and go strait to living with the land with no wait. At age 4 my DS loved everything but Nemo, he screamed the whole ride because he was afraid Bruce would get him. Weird how kids minds work, he rode every coaster he...
  16. tinkerjo

    Best resort for autistic child

    I don’t have an autistic child but am a nurse that has worked in special needs classrooms at school, so I am at least familiar. I might suggest the cabins at fort wilderness. You have your own little cabin with a deck and they are very quiet. The quiet pool is also near the cabins and may be a...
  17. tinkerjo

    Preparing for large family group.

    We do many large extended family trips. We typically stay in the same park but each family handles their own fast passes. I know from another thread that your grandchildren have never been before so I’m sure you want to enjoy some of these firsts and maybe you can decide as a group which ones...
  18. tinkerjo

    Getting grandkids excited for upcoming trip!

    Along with movies and books you could maybe make up a “questionnaire” and ask them what what rides they are most excited to ride, what characters they want to see, If they want to swim at the pool, etc. and have them mail the questionnaire back to you. (Especially if you are managing Fast...
  19. tinkerjo

    Rope drop, hard to get FP, especially Pandora

    We ride FOP last year. We got to the park about 1 hr before the scheduled opening. They started letting people in about 1/2 hour before park opening and we were on and off FOP before park open. We had a larger group (6) so refresh didn’t work for us.