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  1. Geemo

    Watermelon cotton candy?

    I sure hope so. Cotton Candy is my favorite.
  2. Geemo

    Disneyland 2 Day Plan!

    YES! Keep checking for a cancellation. You might be surprised with an opening. I'll keep an eye on the times too, if I see one I will book it and we can arrange a time for me to cancel and you to pick it up in your name. I done this several times for others and it has always worked out. If I...
  3. Geemo

    Disneyland 2 Day Plan!

    Have you thought about doing a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn? If you could get a 7:10 CB reservation it would allow you two see several characters while others are attending Magic Morning. If you have a CB reservation before the park opens to the general public you go to a special...
  4. Geemo

    What time will they let guests in at Disneyland tomorrow?

    Looks like 7:33 would have put you back a ways... Sounds like you had a nice day in the parks.
  5. Geemo

    Thinking about getting APs for my my wife and myself.

    Have you reviewed the block out calendar? https://disneyland.disney.go.com/passes/blockout-dates/
  6. Geemo

    Airport Proximity to DLR and Ground Transportation Information

    Since I go solo I prefer to use a taxi over Lyft and Uber. I used California Yellow Taxi in March. Went out to the taxi stand and showed the director the flat rate info I had copied from their website. When I arrived at DL paid the flat rate and tip and all was good. I'll use them for my...
  7. Geemo


    I use two different companies. If I stay onsite I use Deckert's. When off-site I use Select Scooter Rental (714) 644-8057 They also deliver/pick up to the hotels. When I fly down for the day, I will pick it up from their office in the lobby of the BWPPI. In March for three days Select...
  8. Geemo

    Going for 10 days - 5 at DL/DCA. Which days and why?

    You can keep an eye on those dates to see how they go this year. With it being 15 months away, so many things can change from what is recommended today. Good to get an idea but you might want to ask for an update closer to your trip. Geemo
  9. Geemo

    Airport Proximity to DLR and Ground Transportation Information

    Once we are ready to head to our hotel we just grab a taxi. The Taxi companies offer flat rate to various SoCal destinations. Check this website for California Yellow Cab they list a Flat Rate of $29.
  10. Geemo

    Visit in January 2020

    I am not a local... But it sounds like Mondays can be worse than a weekend day. If you can, keep an eye on the app and see how the wait times are for those days. Saturday would most likely give you night time entertainment and a Monday in January most likely won't. Here a link to Historical...
  11. Geemo

    Visit in January 2020

    If you want to know when Disney MIGHT roll out a special for your dates look at here Not sure if SWGE will make a difference in hotel specials. I like all three Disney Hotels. If I have the money GCH is nice, staying a PPH is fine too. If your kids are going to use the pool DLH is the best...
  12. Geemo

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Does anyone know ride intensity for the new attraction ride(s)??? I'm thinking we need to start a campaign for ABC30 - Fresno, to send Cory James to SWGE media day. In 2017 Cory covered the opening of Guardians for ABC30. I don't think anyone briefed him on what to expect. He was surprised...
  13. Geemo

    All Disney employees blocked out of Disneyland starting May 18?

    On Media Day I hope Cory James of ABC30 Fresno is assigned to preview the ride(s). I loved him On Guardian's. Poor guy.... What a good sport!
  14. Geemo

    Setting MaxPass Expectations

    Along with MaxPass the rides having a "Single Rider" line will be your friend. I go solo often and can get several rides in with MP and SR. At least June 6th isn't a weekend or a Monday. Have fun!! Geemo
  15. Geemo

    Tropicana vs. BWPPI?

    We have stayed at the Tropicana many times and used the pool every day. Our trips are in Jan or Feb and the pool was fine. No one else around. The pooling in the middle of the parking lots isn't an issue. Haven't stayed at BWPPI
  16. Geemo

    Young princess trip planned for 5/31,consider postponing?

    Keep your original plans. November won't be any better crowd wise in the parks. The park hours for May will be longer, spreading out people in the parks. November will have shorter hours and the weather isn't as nice. As long as they don't want to see Princess Leia you'll be fine. Have fun...
  17. Geemo

    How essential is it to take restaurant confirmation numbers?

    If you are still concerned, call and leave a message. These are the two numbers I have for Napa Rose direct line 714.300.7170 or GCH 714.635.2300 ask for napa rose. Ask for a return confirmation call and I'm sure you will get one. But as others have said.... Once we have made a...
  18. Geemo

    Most accurate crowd calendars?

    I quit using crowd calendars. What I will do is check the first few posts of this thread to see what is set to be happening at various times of the year. https://www.disboards.com/threads/2019-calendar-of-events-school-breaks-and-dlr.3708938/
  19. Geemo

    How early to book hotels?

    Review this link and it will give you an idea of what to mark on your calendar for one of the DLR hotels https://www.mousesavers.com/disneyland-california-vacation-discounts-and-deals/frequently-asked-questions-about-disneyland/#newdiscounts If you think you might not stay on-site, many of the...
  20. Geemo

    California Yellow Cab Flat Rate from SNA

    I was looking for information on Flat Rates from SNA to Disneyland area hotel. Have any of you use this one? $29 flat rate seems lower than other threads have stated.