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  1. smercerdiemont

    In a Pickle....DLH or PPH? Which one...

    If it is truly not much more, I would go with DLH. The new menu and remodel at Tangaroa Terrance and Trader Sam's are so much fun and romantic if going without kiddos. You can get a Dole Whip right at the hotel too, you can't beat that. I also preferred the shorter walk in the mornings. The...
  2. smercerdiemont

    Trying to convince DH to get APs

    Thank you all so much for the replies!! At first I started to plan those three visits for this year and just started kicking myself for not turning our tickets into APs when we were just there in Jan.. SO bummed, especially since we paid $375 for Maxpass for all 5 days we were in the park, and...
  3. smercerdiemont

    Trying to convince DH to get APs

    It would be my DH and I, two kids that are considered adult pricing, and one kid that will be child pricing for another 5 years. I was hoping to go in September, November, and December for this year. I am totally fine not visiting this coming summer, but do want to go again in February and...
  4. smercerdiemont

    Haunted Mansion Lighting (Am I Imagining Things?)

    No, you aren’t imagining it. My family and I all though the same. We were hoping maybe it was just the day we went, but after riding it multiple times, the lighting never changed to be less dark.
  5. smercerdiemont

    Trying to convince DH to get APs

    After this last trip, I am really pushing DH for annual passes, since we live in CA. Our trip was absolutely magical this past January even with being rained out one of the days. Anyone have any advice on how to convince him? Are the hotels on Harbor worth the money saved even without the MM...
  6. smercerdiemont

    The Coffee House @ DLH?

    For some reason I can't stop laughing over this :P
  7. smercerdiemont

    Would any of you find this helpful?

    Please do it! I love all the YouTube videos, they are all so informative in their own way and offer different perspectives which is always welcome :) If you make videos, if you can, please let us know where to find you.
  8. smercerdiemont

    Just curious- when did Disney start allowing wagons?

    No judgement here :) I was one of the people with a stroller this time around adding to the sea. I was just surprised at how many there were compared from last time we went.
  9. smercerdiemont

    Just curious- when did Disney start allowing wagons?

    We saw a TON of these. I just felt like Disney has become the land of strollers this last visit after not being for 5 years. A sea of strollers parked around all the planters and walls.
  10. smercerdiemont

    16th Birthday ideas for a boy

    We just went with my 16 yr old, and the biggest thrill for him was doing The Void. He looked forward to it all week. Granted it is Downtown Disney and not actually in the parks. He also is a foodie, like his dad, so we let him pick out our restaurants for dinner a couple times (he picked two...
  11. smercerdiemont

    Current Regular Churro Price?

    Yup, $4.75 for a churro. I should know since my 4 yr old ate her weight in them while we were there :P
  12. smercerdiemont

    Are These Character Dining Prices Current?

    Hey Christin! It's Shannon :) We just went from Jan. 27- Feb. 2nd. We did a Character Breakfast at PCH Grill and the prices were $39 per adult, and $23 per child before tax and gratuity. My girls are HUGE Stitch fans so this was a must for us. I hope you guys have an amazing time on your...
  13. smercerdiemont

    Is something going on next week (hotels sold out)?

    Oh gosh, I really hope it isn't packed at the parks this week too...our trip starts this Sunday with days in the park all week.
  14. smercerdiemont

    January Check IN 2019

    Only 23 more days until our vacation!! The kids are so excited, even the 16 yr old, lol. I am getting nervous about crowds, even though the crowd calendar looks like light days. What are all of your dinning plans? Places you are wanting to eat at? I can't wait to go to the Tropical Hideaway and...
  15. smercerdiemont

    Brief report and some AP info from the park (last for awhile) + pics

    Thank you for the pictures, as always I love seeing the park from your view :) How crazy is it that I took my granny to the Sac airport to go to Chicago today!? She landed around 4:30, but I had to leave to take her at 6:00 am for her 10:00 am flight and then drove back two hours home. My granny...
  16. smercerdiemont

    Which days to go during the week of Jan 27-31?

    We are going those same days! We will be in the park the 28th-2nd and we picked them due to (fingers crossed) it being less crowded. I hope you have a magical time :)
  17. smercerdiemont

    Disneyland Hotel pool unavailable

    Hmmmm maybe I should call too and ask if we could go to the GCH to swim. Our first day in Anaheim we were going to spend it at the pool/hotel.
  18. smercerdiemont

    River Belle Terrace Fantasmic packages available for January

    Thank you! I am waiting for the 1st of Feb. to open up.
  19. smercerdiemont

    Disneyland Hotel pool unavailable

    LOL well my kids are pretty excited to polar bear swim.
  20. smercerdiemont

    Disneyland Hotel pool unavailable

    Oh no :( this really really stinks since it falls on when I booked our stay. Boooo :(