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  1. JoJoGirl

    **Disney After Hours-Animal Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread: NEWS-Dates Added Through September

    Report for AK After Hours on Tuesday, May 14: I’m an AP holder who was only in WDW for three days, so After Hours helped me maximize my park time. Tuesday morning I had attended EMM at MK, and in the late afternoon/early evening I went to at Epcot for the 6:45 Richard Marx Garden Rocks show...
  2. JoJoGirl

    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    I’ve stayed at GF once before (but not CL!). It does feel very safe because the paths are well lit and even the farthest rooms are only a short walk. I’d booked pool view at AKL specifically because those rooms are all a short walk from the lobby too. I did think the one bedroom at SSR was a...
  3. JoJoGirl

    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    I just received a very interesting call from Disney Guest Services. Next week I was scheduled to stay three nights pool view at AKL. The phone rep told me that AKL was running behind on their refurbishments and could not accommodate all their booked guests, and that I was being moved to a...
  4. JoJoGirl

    Rope Dropping Soarin' from Dolphin - suggestions?

    Be sure to take the “rose path” shortcut from WS to the Imagination/Land side of FW. As you are walking from the IG, it will be past Canada to the left. You should get to the Land pavilion in very good time that way.
  5. JoJoGirl

    ME and cancelled flights

    Yes, you absolutely can! We did this in February. We were already through security when our flight got delayed until the next day. It was easy to pull out my iPad and book a room for that night. We chose a POR Royal Room just for fun. Then we walked back down to ME, showed them the new...
  6. JoJoGirl

    Pofq or AKL for adults only trip

    They both are great choices! However, for the trip you describe, I would give a slight edge to POFQ, and use some of the $$ you saved for a day trip to AKL and a leisurely romantic meal at Jiko. Or maybe two day trips, with a meal at Sanaa or Boma thrown in. That savings is nothing to be...
  7. JoJoGirl

    MDE App Update & Recent “Refresh” Changes Discussion (we’re not doomed!)

    I agree! Now I have to scroll past my resort info, two ads, today’s park hours, the “my tickets” link button, and my first scheduled Fastpass to get to the tiny link to “my plans.” The ads are large and easy to click on accidentally while scrolling. Very annoying! At the very least, they...
  8. JoJoGirl

    **Disney After Hours-Animal Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread: NEWS-Dates Added Through September

    I’m doing the same thing for my short solo trip in May, plus EMM that morning at the MK. My trip is only three nights so every extra hour and every Fastpass is precious! Plus doing special events leaves more time in the afternoon for rest breaks. I figure there will be plenty of time to catch...
  9. JoJoGirl

    Undecided on new trip

    1. Yacht Club (or Beach Club or BWI, depending on what’s available & prices). Location, location, location. Can’t be beat. Great pool for adults and kiddos. Downside, it does cost more $$. 2. AKL or WL (tie). Which is better depends almost entirely on which theme you prefer. AKL Savanna...
  10. JoJoGirl


    For our December trip to the BWI, we received the folio email, but the folio was blank. For our February trip to the GF, we didn’t even receive the folio email. It was as if they just gave up. FWIW, we had paid off both stays a month before arrival and never charged anything to our magic...
  11. JoJoGirl

    And here's your first ticket price increase . . .

    Yikes ... One more $50 increase for regular APs and they will be over $1000 including tax. :scared1: Not sure if that makes me want to buy my next voucher now, or take a few years off.
  12. JoJoGirl

    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    We stayed in a pool view room in 2017. I really loved the room and the location, so convenient, and the view was lovely! I did find noise to be a consideration, but not a deal breaker. The regular pool noise isn’t too bad most of the day. However, if your son is a light sleeper, you may...
  13. JoJoGirl

    Which Monorail Resort....

    The Poly is an excellent choice when using a scooter. Be sure to request a ground floor rooom as your primary/only request. Because the Poly longhouses have only 3 floors (2 for Niue), you have a excellent chance of getting your request and avoiding elevators that way. We have always had our...
  14. JoJoGirl

    Success with Touring Plans requesting rooms?

    We’ve used Touring Plans fax service five times now with great results. I do select a room from the resort map as a reference point, but also explain primary and secondary main features we would like (e.g. building, balcony, floor, view, etc.) in the typed comments section. Our Results...
  15. JoJoGirl

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    Three adults for those dates: BWI - CL Std. View: $487.28, CL Deluxe Room: $570.80 Beach Club - Garden or Woods View: $403.76. Water View: $439.88, CL Std. $525.70, CL Garden: $575.54 Yacht Club - CL Water View: $515.36 Edit: Too slow - lol! Happy Planning!
  16. JoJoGirl

    No ADR confirmation email. Should I panic?

    I recently booked EMM for both MK and HS, and did not receive a confirmation email for either one. Charges went through OK and both show in MDE, so I’m not too worried. :hippie:
  17. JoJoGirl

    Kevin with Russell?

    Kevin is awesome! And so tall that she is hard to miss if you are anywhere near where she is wandering. Picture taken February 11.
  18. JoJoGirl

    Just back February 7th- 12th

    Thanks for the report! We were there at the same time and had a great time despite the crowds, especially at the Animal Kingdom. We could have crossed paths at Nomad, we were there twice this trip. Maybe you are in our pictures of Kevin!
  19. JoJoGirl

    What happened to Columbia Harbor House?

    Have to pop in and give this place some love. :love: DD and I ate there a week and a half ago and enjoyed it. We were walking by just after 11:00 am and wanted to lunch early because we had an early dinner ADR at Tiffin’s. Did mobile order for immediate pickup, two lobster rolls and one...