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  1. J

    HS Question: Disney Jr. Dance Party or Frozen Sing Along?

    We're heading to HS for the first time with our family of four, including a 3 yo and 5 yo. We're only spending one day at HS on our trip, and the itinerary is tight (we're doing EMM and can only fit in a couple more things before we'll have to leave for midday naps). I've got one slot in our...
  2. J

    Recent rope drop experience at Mickey & Minnie at Town Hall?

    So if we want to be out of there as quickly as possible after 9AM, should we show up and get in line at 8AM? Is that excessive? (We are going to try to hit Big Thunder Mtn and Splash Mtn (w/ FP) before a 10:10 pirates league reservation and I'm trying to get a sense for whether we can...
  3. J

    Recent rope drop experience at Mickey & Minnie at Town Hall?

    We're planning to be at MK on an upcoming day that's forecasted to be a level 8 day according to Touring Plans' crowd calendar. We'd like to meet Mickey & Minnie at Town Hall, which I know is popular at the moment because they are only together (and in their special outfits) for a limited time...
  4. J

    How are wait times for the Mike & Sulley meet and greet at HS?

    I'm trying to fit the Mike & Sulley meet and greet into our touring plan and the best time for us is going to be about noon. Any sense for how long the wait might be midday? (And I realize it just opened! Wondering if anyone made it over in the first couple of days...)
  5. J

    How is the new Disney Junior Dance Party @ HS?

    We're heading to WDW in a few weeks with a 3 and 5 year old - we have only one day at HS and I'm wondering if the new Disney Junior Dance Party is worth building into our plan. Has anyone been? What do you think?
  6. J

    Festival of Fantasy parade FastPass?

    Hi all - Does the FastPass for Festival of Fantasy still exist? I haven't been able to find it... If it doesn't, can anyone watch the parade from the center of the roundabout in front of the train station?
  7. J

    Construction at the Swan?

    We're heading to the Swan in February and I just read about the construction for the new "Cove" tower. Has anyone been to the Swan since ground-breaking? I'm wondering how disruptive (or not) the construction is for guests.
  8. J

    Tips for getting a Swan fireworks-view room?

    Our family of four is heading to our first stay at the Swan in a few weeks and would love to snag a room with a good view of Illuminations. Does anyone have advice on successfully requesting one of these rooms? (And are there particular floors or even room numbers we should ask for?)
  9. J

    How early to stake out Main Street/Emporium spot for Festival of Fantasy Parade?

    We're planning to be in MK in February on a day that Touring Plans estimates will be a 6 on the crowd scale. If I hope to snag a shaded spot in front of the Emporium on Main Street for the 3PM Festival of Fantasy Parade (for a family of four), how early should I should I show up?
  10. J

    Woody, Jessie, Buzz character meets in TSL?

    Hi all, I'm trying to build some character meets into our touring plan for our HS day and, I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious, but I can't find clear information on TSL's Woody, Jessie and Buzz character meets. Can anyone tell me where these are, what time of day they start and what...
  11. J

    ISO feedback on our HS touring plan

    We're staying at Swan, so we're a short walk back to the hotel, but it's a good point that 3 hours is tight for a break. We're doing the H&V breakfast more so we're in a good position in the park to sign up early for Jedi training to get the time we want, and to get the preferred seating for...
  12. J

    ISO feedback on our HS touring plan

    Hey all - My family is heading to WDW for our first-ever trip in February. We only have one HS day planned and I'd love some input on our touring plan to know if it looks good. According to Touring Plans, the day is projected to be a level 4. We'll have a 3 and 5 year old with us. Our...
  13. J

    What does EMM mean for TSL lines at rope drop?

    Our plan at rope drop is really to do Toy Story Mania and maybe Alien Swirling Saucers (assuming we can get a Slinky Dog Dash FP+ for later, we won't attempt the standby line for that one). TouringPlans has HS on the day we plan to be there at a level 4 - so.... do you think we'll still be in an...
  14. J

    What does EMM mean for TSL lines at rope drop?

    This is so helpful - thank you!
  15. J

    What does EMM mean for TSL lines at rope drop?

    Hi all - My family is planning a WDW trip this February. We have only one day designated for HS, and our plan had been to do a pre-park opening breakfast at Hollywood & Vine, then scoot over to Toy Story Land asap. But I just learned that there will be an EMM event that day. Will that mean the...
  16. J

    Help! Crystal Palace or Pirates League.... ?? :)

    Hi all - I'm planning our family's first WDW trip for this upcoming February and am stuck on planning one particular day of our trip, so I thought I'd crowd-source some help. Our family is my husband, me, our 3-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. Both are easy going and fun loving, and I'm...
  17. J

    Ideal age for Pirates League?

    Of those of you who have done Pirates League, what's your thought on the ideal age for kiddos doing this?
  18. J

    Week before EP Flower & Garden - will I catch it?

    I'm bummed that we are just going to miss the start of Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival (our trip is Feb. 16-23). I think the festival starts about a week after we leave. Anyone know if we'll catch any of the topiaries or flowers a week or so before? I'm sure they need a bit of advance time to...
  19. J

    8:10 BOG reservation

    Hi all! I was online before the sun came up this morning to snag a BOG breakfast reservation. Our goal is really to be in the park as early as possible to get a jump on rides. I didn't snag an 8:05 reservation (which I gather is the earliest possible) but got an 8:10. I know we're talking a...
  20. J

    Early Morning Magic discontinued?

    Just bumping this back up - it looks like there's no EMM planned for all of December or January either now..... Thoughts?