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  1. Sunclytie

    First time to Disneyland

    RBT is River Belle Terrace. The setting overlooking the Rivers of America is lovely, and the service is always kind, but the food is....just ok. The corn chowder is good and the desserts are usually good.
  2. Sunclytie

    First time to Disneyland

    If I only had to eat at one restaurant, I'd pick...Cafe Orleans and have a Monte Cristo. A Disneyland classic! One difference I've noticed between WDW and Disneyland is that at WDW, you need to have a plan of attack. You need to strategize and know step-by-step what will be coming next. At...
  3. Sunclytie

    **November 2019 check in ***

    I'll be at the Grand Californian with my husband and 5 year old daughter in mid-November — we'll be celebrating my and my daughter's birthday. I'm hoping I've timed it right for the start of the holiday season. Fingers crossed!
  4. Sunclytie

    Children and transport

    One Of the best parts about going to Disneyland is not having to bring the car. We use Lansky for airport transfers, and they work from SNA, LGB, LAX. They are a bit expensive, but always have the car seats set up in advance, they meet you at the airport, and the drivers are friendly and the...
  5. Sunclytie

    The trip when Grandma stole somebody's scooter (3/9-3/12/2019)

    This is a fantastic trip report. Thank you. I would watch a movie called “Death On WheelsScooter Stealing Grandma”!
  6. Sunclytie

    Any ideas about what to wear in early April?

    Layers are key! It will likely be warm during the day and cool at night so plan for that as well.
  7. Sunclytie

    Disneyland hotel???

    I totally agree.
  8. Sunclytie

    What's your standby "wait time limit"?

    If I am with my four year old, we’ll generally wait 20 minutes max. We have had longer waits for princesses and Mickey Mouse but that’s rare. Thank goodness Mickey’s house in Toontown has the interactive queue! When it’s just me or me and my husband, we will wait 30-45 minutes for something...
  9. Sunclytie

    DL trip 3/12- 3/15.... amazing time!!!

    OMG. That’s awful. I really hope security kicked some people out. It was smart of Mickey to remove himself from the situation so quickly. Sigh. This doesn’t bode well for the increased crowd numbers this summer, does it?
  10. Sunclytie

    Diehard DW fan to do DL for the first time - lots of questions

    I love staying in the Grand Californian - it’s a beautiful hotel - but I agree that being in a Disney hotel is not as important at DL as it is in WDW. You don’t feel like you’re in the Disney bubble so much at the other hotels, in my opinion, and you’re further away. If you don’t want the Grand...
  11. Sunclytie

    DL trip 3/12- 3/15.... amazing time!!!

    Wait, what? Did security get involved? People really pushed and tripped Mickey Mouse? Where was this? Who were these people? What did the handlers do? I’d imagine you would get banned for life if you tried to hurt a character.
  12. Sunclytie

    Going next Sun-Tues for 1st time. Why can't I grasp Maxpass??

    I tried to grasp MaxPass strategy with all those posts...and my eyes just glazed over. I couldn’t handle it. Honestly, all you need to know is that you can book FastPasses as soon as you get into the park. It’s not a bad idea to get RSR right away, but if that doesn’t suit you, book whatever...
  13. Sunclytie

    Restaurants and Quick Services Not to Miss

    I really like the food at the Storyteller’s Cafe at the Grand Californian. I’ve never had better food at a character meal. The Monte Cristo is a Disneyland classic at Cafe Orleans. It’s huge so you may want to split it. Bengal Barbecue is really yummy and is great for a quick snack. I love the...
  14. Sunclytie

    Give Me Your "Don't Miss" List for a WDW Family

    1. Cars Land. Beautifully designed with lots of fun stuff to do for all ages. Plus the neon lighting every night is fun. 2. Alice in Wonderland. A quintessential dark ride that everyone can enjoy, and it’s been nicely refurbished. 3. Pixar Pal-Around or the Golden Zephyr. Beautiful views of...
  15. Sunclytie


    You will be very pleased with your choice and. It’s the nicest Courtyard Marriott I’ve ever seen. And your kids will enjoy the water park!
  16. Sunclytie

    Quick Trip Report - Feb 17-18

    Oh yes, a lot of her favorite shows have talking animals. But she said her favorite part of the show was the drumming tikis. I think she found it exciting and a little scary. It was a small thrill she could do over and over again.
  17. Sunclytie

    The Coffee House @ DLH?

    I was at the Coffee House this weekend and they had a lot of muffins and croissants. My mocha was very sweet and very strong!
  18. Sunclytie

    Quick Trip Report - Feb 17-18

    Here is a super quick trip report from a two day trip over President's Day weekend. I decided to take my 4-year-old daughter for a couple of days in Disneyland for a treat that we both would enjoy. The Good The Enchanted Tiki Room is back! It was being refurbished the last time we were there...
  19. Sunclytie

    Trip in November 2019 - when will the holidays begin?

    Hi Disneyland gurus! My daughter and I have birthdays a week apart in early November and I'd like to plan a trip to Disneyland to coincide with the beginning of the holiday season (and celebrate our birthdays). I've resigned myself to insane crowds, so I'm not worried about that. But I would...
  20. Sunclytie

    Price of new Pixar Pier boardwalk games

    Playing these games with our toddler (then 3) are some of my sweetest memories of Disneyland. She loved catching the star in the stream and getting her fuzzy star in return. When she played the Bug’s Life game, there was no way she could get the beanbags near Heimlich’s mouth, but she had so...