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    Caring for Giants/Behind the Seeds Tours

    Caring for Giants is definitely worth it! Here is a pointer to our experience: https://www.disboards.com/threads/caring-for-giants-tour.3664524/ With a couple of pictures in the next post. DW and I did Behind the Seeds many years ago and liked it. But then we are gardeners and my wife had...
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    Any good restaurants between Lego Land and Universal?

    Right on your way back to Universal on 27 in Haines City are two suggestions: Manny's Chophouse or Sonny's BBQ I don't know about the area near Legoland.
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    Why Disney is BETTER as an adult!!

    I made my first trip to Disneyland in my late 20's during a business trip to Anaheim. In my late 40's my wife and I went to WDW during a business conference held at the S/D. We became hooked! That started our yearly, then twice yearly vacations to WDW. We are now Disney snowbirds and...
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    Rental home with fenced yard?

    What @disneysteve said.... In our neighborhood very few of the homes have fences. Mostly a few that have larger lots. And they are not the ones that are being rented. Most of the newer developments only have a few feet between houses which makes it difficult to have fences. I also agree...
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    Your Favorite Shows and Live Entertainment

    Another vote for the Lion King in the AK. Devine is worth searching out as well. The Muppet show in the MK. In Epcot I am partial to the British Revolution but then I grew up on 60's rock. And in Future World are the JAMMitors. My opinion is that all of the World Showcase acts are...
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    For trip to WDW on Southwest do you buy EB?

    DW and I always buy EB. We prefer to sit near the front of the plane and have luggage space at our seats. We typically have the flexibility to find low cost days to travel which helps with the cost of EB. For us EB takes a bit of stress out of the travel experience. Especially on flights...
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    Moving To Florida And Visiting WDW More Often

    After many years of Disney vacations DW and I became Disney snowbirds and just finished our 4th winter near Disney. We still enjoy our time near Disney though, as others have noted, it is different when when you live there. We currently have gold resident AP's as we avoid the holiday crowds...
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    Which resort for a no park vacation

    For a ten day stay I will suggest splitting the time between an Epcot resort and a monorail resort. DW and I are fans of the Boardwalk and are still looking forward to a stay at a monorail resort some day.
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    Favorite no-line park activities?

    My list looks similar to those above: MK: Philharmagic, CoP, Enchanted Tiki Room, Swiss Family Treehouse (if you are up for some stair climbing), riding the train around the park Epcot: Living with the Land (though I have seen longer lines recently), walking through the aquarium, the Pixar...
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    MCO - New Enhanced Security Screening, Eff. 04.23.2019

    DW and I went through MCO security on 4/24. We hadn't heard about the warning and timed our pick up for our usual 90 minutes early arrival at MCO. Our neighbors who were providing the transport heard about it that morning and showed up 15 minutes early to give us a few extra minutes...
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    Disney's BOARDWALK INN and VILLAS Information and Questions Thread

    How wonderful! Wishing you continued pixiedust:!
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    In search of a few trip tips for my parents!

    DW and I are now Disney snowbirds after many years of Disney vacations. Epcot and the AK are our favorite parks. For Epcot I would definitely suggest Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth, wandering through the aquarium in the Seas, and the American Experience. DW and I both love Soarin'...
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    Last Minute WDW?

    As Disney snowbirds, many of our park visits are "last minute". Though I have done a few 30 day FP selections. As long as it is not a super busy time I have had success getting FPs for the non super headliners. For instance I have good luck getting Safari, LK, and occasionally Navi River at...
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    Where can I get my new AP and keep plans?

    I think I would just pay the parking and head to the first ticket window I see and get the AP activated and reimbursed for your parking. Unless you want to spend time at Disney Springs on your first evening at WDW.
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    Talking my DH into an adults only trip! HELP!

    DW and I made one or two trips per year for many years before I retired and we became Disney snowbirds. Disney is not just for kids. Though it sounds like your DH understands the possibilities but still links Disney with kids. For me, I grew up with Uncle Walt on TV and WDW just brings back...
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    AK non Pandora rope drop

    I agree with @rteetz. My last RD at AK I did FoP then NR and when I got to the Safari, at about 25 minutes after RD, the wait was only 20 minutes.
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    Guest Services at TTC?

    I have not done exactly what you are asking but I have always been able to do everything I have needed at any ticket window, such as replacing a lost AP card. I would certainly suggest walking over to the TTC. I am not a magic band user so I can't comment on whether the MB's will function...
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    Disney's BOARDWALK INN and VILLAS Information and Questions Thread

    We have made many visits to the BWI, standard view room. We would request Epcot view. We frequently got a view of the Eiffel Tower and once a view of Spaceship Earth. Once we were at the very far end of a corridor with a view overlooking the quiet pool. Many times we overlooked the...
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    Florida Cold Front First Week of March - Strategies?

    I agree with the previous posters that the cold weather won't reduce the crowds too much. At least during the week when most park visitors are vacationers. Besides a light pair of gloves I wear a hoodie with a knit hat underneath to ward off the breeze that usually accompanies the strong...
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    New APs are the plan

    First, congratulations on your upcoming retirement! party: What a marvelous idea to get APs! Yes, you can purchase your APs and packages on line. You will get a voucher for the AP which you can use to get AP deals. When you head to Disney take the voucher and IDs to any ticket window...