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  1. chirurgeon

    The NCIS Official Thread

    Well, her career hasn’t exactly skyrocketed since she left. I can’t imagine she is back full time, though. Especially with Michael Weatherly’s show being renewed.
  2. chirurgeon

    Disney's PORT ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER Resort Information and Questions Thread

    Actually... it isn’t a Disney cruise. (Gasp) I know, sacrilege. Brand new ship on a line new to North America. But I plan on DCL for 2020. My retirement celebration.
  3. chirurgeon

    Disney's PORT ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER Resort Information and Questions Thread

    Looking forward to POFQ for F&W next year. This is a cruise year.
  4. chirurgeon

    Holiday Souvie Notes (11/28)

    As of Saturday, I was not seeing the Pluto popcorn bucket. I didn’t ask if it was coming back, though. They had the balloon Mickey head, instead.
  5. chirurgeon

    How bad is the smoke?

    No smoke yesterday.
  6. chirurgeon

    Best Character Meal?

    I loved the Plaza Inn. Lots of characters, the big three from Pooh, plus Rabbit. And Captain Hook, the Fairy Godmother, and a Penguin from Mary Poppins. This was last Sunday.
  7. chirurgeon

    Park attendance low today + candy canes!

    It was relatively light until about 3pm. I took my candy cane and a Christmas ornament back to the room and when I came back the lines at the gates were past the monorail tracks and its very busy inside. Headind to DTD for dinner in a couple minutes. I expect that to be busy too.
  8. chirurgeon

    World of Color Superthread

    The person checking us in, as soon as they said it was cancelled, said we would get an automatic credit. Now I’m trying to decide between regular FP or Wine Country dining package on Friday or Saturday. Also hoping to see fireworks again.
  9. chirurgeon

    World of Color Superthread

    I was supposed to do the dessert party last night and they were checking us in when the cancellation was announced. I wasn’t surprised. It’s so windy here.
  10. chirurgeon

    scooter rental

    I’m here now. Using Select and they are very nice. Ran my scooter hard Sunday and yesterday. Only lost one power dot.
  11. chirurgeon

    Holiday Magic fireworks after Fantasmic: any projections or snow?

    Be careful with camera lenses and the snow. It’s actually soap and can mess up your lens.
  12. chirurgeon

    Space Mountain now has single-rider?

    As a solo traveler, I love SRL on any ride. I’m not that concerned about personal space on a ride. They aren’t that long. I think you have less personal space in the queue.
  13. chirurgeon

    Candlelight narrator?

    It WILL NOT rain on my vacation!
  14. chirurgeon


    Going back to work tomorrow after two weeks off with pneumonia. Work four days and then leave Friday morning. Stll thinking about canceling the Burbank part of the trip to just do a relaxing trip to recover from the pneumonia.
  15. chirurgeon

    Garland Watch 2017

    This thread has been a real pick me up. I came down with pneumonia last weekend, spent three days in the hospital and now I’m recovering at home. I leave in two weeks. More pictures please!
  16. chirurgeon


    I want to get a candy cane, but I’m not sure it would make it home since I have to fly home.
  17. chirurgeon

    To parkhop or not to parkhop that is the question...

    Whichever Disney resort I go to, I always hop.
  18. chirurgeon


    Given the Festival of the Holidays, I’ve cancelled my reservation for lunch at Carthay. I might hit the lounge for lunch but all the different things at the food booths call me more than the Carthay menu. Can’t decide if I want to keep my reservation for Tea on 12/2. If one of my friends can...
  19. chirurgeon

    Garland Watch 2017

    Hoping for garlands. Main Street just isn’t the same without them!
  20. chirurgeon

    Live trip report from the DLH

    The difference in Chip and Dale is their noses. Chip has a nose like a chocolate CHIP!


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