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  1. dznyacct

    September 2020 car rental watch

    I didn't see a September 2020 car rental watch thread, so I thought I would start one :). September 25 - October 2 Alamo (Dolphin) with small corporate discount ($17) Compact $200.26 booked 2/18/20 7 days $28.61/day
  2. M

    May 2020 Car Rental Watch

    Flights are booked, house is rented! Now comes the next obsession -- car rental watch! So far, I have a mini van booked through Alamo using Costco for $397 and a standard van (looks like 8 passenger mini van) for $436 for 5/16 - 5/23. Does anyone know of any better mini van prices yet? Let...
  3. Keacc

    November 2019 car rental watch

    I have been monitoring November prices twice a day since mid January. I also looked at every month between now and then looking for the sweet spot. I have made and cancelled numerous reservations. Yesterday I really scored! I had a chevy suburban with Alamo reserved for $682 for 7 days. Checking...
  4. p44nmun

    March 2019 Car Rental Watch

    Has this thread been started yet? Right now we have a reservation with Alamo for approximately $400 for 8 days in March. We go every year in March and this board always helps to get costs down with advice and codes/etc! Maybe started somewhere else already?
  5. C

    April 2019 Car Rental Watch

    I don’t see a thread started yet for April 2019...did I miss it? If not - let’s gather here! I’m looking for April 11 MCO to April 13 MIA...currently the best rate I have is a corporate rate thru National for $95 for a Standard car....the Alamo Costco rate is $106 for a compact.
  6. ♥ Mandi ♥

    November 2018 Car Rental Watch

    Because I'm an over planner and have been planning this trip for literally over 3 years! Whoo hoo! I was able to get a 14-day rental at Alamo, standard, for $468 with contract ID #7016136 (American Express) and coupon code AD9295AAU for $15 off. Hoping it will continue to go down throughout the...
  7. Kidanifan08

    July 2018 Car Rental Watch

    It's never too early to start shopping for summer vacation car rentals! I have been watching July 2018 for a couple of months. I generally like to rent from MCO round-trip to keep things simple, so I don't spend much time looking at other options, other than perhaps the CCC or Dolphin. We...
  8. sluggozmom

    AUGUST 2018 Car rental watch

    Here we go August folks! I just booked my August trip and I am hoping we can share some money saving tips! Right now I am using the Costco ID 7014627 at Alamo. I am a member at Costco. I'm unable to find any coupon codes valid for my dates 8/17-8/25. I have a standard booked for $284 for the 8...
  9. La Belle

    March 2018 Rental car watch

    Hi all, I didn't see a rental car watch for March created yet. I'm traveling from March 1-13. The prices are high! I'm really hoping prices come down closer to. Who's in?? :cool1::disrocks:
  10. M

    February 2018 rental car watch

    Hello, Has anyone found a decent price for a minivan rental in February? I'm getting discouraged as the prices don't seem to be going down. Please share if you found a code that works! Thank you so much!
  11. zilp

    April 2018 Car Rental Watch

    I've bought my airline tickets for April spring break here in the Northeast, so now it's time to look for car rental deals! So far, I have a reservation for Dollar April 14-21 for $421 for a minivan. I booked that back in July. I need to add one day (now leaving the 13th) and prices are...
  12. TinkTink78

    January 2018 Car Rental Watch

    We are cruising out of Port Canaveral the last week of January. We arrive the night before departure and wanted to rent a car to drop off at the port - we have several different transportation options, but I prefer a rental car. I am a very seasoned car renter.... but these rates are some of...
  13. MommyinHonduras

    May 2018 car rental watch

    I followed the board for 2017 and several made their reservations 9 or 10 months out and it was the best rate they found. So I am starting now looking at rates for next year. If you are in the same boat join me in looking for deals and great rates. I am looking at May 19th through May 28th...
  14. twinklebug

    December 2017 Car Rental Watch

    Didn't see a December '17 thread, been watching the November one up to now. Let's add some findings! For reference as sometimes these codes carry through: October 2017 thread November 2017 thread Our trip is early December. If the prices cooperate, I'll probably pick the car up at Alamo MCO...
  15. RweTHEREyet

    September 2017 Car Rental Watch

    After posting incorrectly in the Sept 2016 Watch thread, I could not find one for September, 2017 so I am starting one. If there is one hidden somewhere, please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, here goes: I have just started looking for a rental for our Sept. 2017 trip. We are...
  16. P

    November 2017 Car Rental Watch

    Can't find one here, so here goes. Compact car from Alamo, 1 week, 2 days 4 hrs for $227.72, I'm an Alamo Insider. I expect to do better later from either Alamo or Dollar but this is pretty decent. Update 2/8/2017 - Dollar Compact, 1 week, 2 days 4 hrs for $218.09 Bill From PA
  17. sluggozmom

    AUGUST 2017 Car rental watch

    Here we go... I always like Alamo right now using the Costco ID 7014627 and a $25 coupon AD2823JAZ I have no idea where this $25 code came from, I think I found it on the March thread, I am a Costco member. Happy hunting and please post your codes!
  18. EpcotQueen

    April Car Rental Watch

    I did not see a watch started for April. So here it goes. Reserved a minivan through Alamo for 4/23 to 5/2 using coupon code AD2823JAZ found in the March thread. As an Insider got a rate of $362.20. I hope to get it lower!
  19. magicwdw

    January 2017 Car Rental Rate Watch Thread

    It's early but I am starting at $175 all in for a compact with Dollar City Special (Jan 18-25). Like last year, hoping it goes down to about $120.
  20. laughinplace199

    November 2016 Car Rental Rate Watch

    Hi all, we are going to WDW over Thanksgiving. We currently have a minivan booked through Alamo for $370 using a BJ's code and an Alamo coupon. Since it's a holiday week, I'm not holding my breath for a better deal, but here's hoping!