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  1. anomamatt

    Resale member kit?

    You'll get a (very short) letter saying your new contract is added to your membership.
  2. anomamatt

    Fastpass scans not registering?

    I’ve had this happen a few times. It happens randomly and usually to only one person in the party. And everyone tapped in. It’s especially super annoying when you realize it only after finding a desired 4th FP that is a Tier 1...
  3. anomamatt

    FP for festival of the Lion King? Or what else for non-thrill ride?

    I like both shows a lot, but I would FP lion king before I FP'd Nemo. We've always had great seats for Nemo with no FP, while I feel like FP helps more with lion king. Another non-show option is Meet Dis Friends (Mickey & Minnie in adventure gear). I'm always a sucker for meeting Mickey and...
  4. anomamatt

    Confirmation: Fastpass+ Cancelled inside 30 days

    Thanks for reporting @rdominy . I 'liked' your post for the report, but it's unfortunate this happened to you. But very glad you were able to get things back! Having all one's FP poof inside of 30 days is a terrifying thought. We have been known to swap resorts a lot as we get closer to our...
  5. anomamatt

    CCV Studio Availability @ 11 months

    I don't disagree with you. But that doesn't make the problem go away. And there is a problem, that is cabin related. Outside of a point reallocation, I don't see how it gets fixed. I'm surprised there isn't more outrage that Reflections is going to have a similar model with cabin-type...
  6. anomamatt

    CCV Studio Availability @ 11 months

    I agree 100%. But what incentive does DVC have to "fix" this? I also wonder if demand would simply follow to low point season? I'm skeptical DVC will fix the season issue. (I'm personally vested that they do fix it, since I recently bought a GW #48 @ RVA -- would be a nice "bonus" if that...
  7. anomamatt

    CCV Studio Availability @ 11 months

    A point reallocation for CCV is absolutely necessary. I'm also a CCV owner and it would be painful (except for when we book a cabin for a couple days). But as of right now, 100% of the inventory is declared. Points are still being sold (maybe 400K points left on the table). Booking studios at...
  8. anomamatt

    3 Contracts Same Resort Same Use Year

    Correct, it's easy. I have a few contracts like this... When buying them (direct) I had them split them into smaller contracts in the event I want to sell (or sell a portion). While there are higher closing costs, resale on smaller contracts is significantly higher on a $/point basis (and...
  9. anomamatt

    Nervous about FP cancellation emails

    The sweeps would need to be triggered by something (e.g., resort cancellation or modification) as it would be way too much overhead to check every single FP every day. MDE would collapse upon itself. But you could have them triggered by a cancellation. But, of course, what you are suggesting...
  10. anomamatt

    Nervous about FP cancellation emails

    It wouldn’t be hard to do, but there would be way too much collateral damage. For example, last minute resort changes, DVC waitlists, etc would lose FPs if they associated A resort reservation number with a FP. So yes, I agree it’s not something WDW could pull off without causing lots of...
  11. anomamatt

    Current Trip Cost Toward DVC Purchase?

    Yes, that might be correct. Looking back at the email, the fine print does say that you must purchase 200 vacation points or more. It doesn't say anything about getting (or not) the developer credit in addition. And this makes me feel better, too. haha. So I didn't really waste an...
  12. anomamatt


    Eh, this happens every Tuesday. They roll out "updates" very early Tuesday mornings and simultaneously manage to break random parts of MDE every Tuesday.
  13. anomamatt

    Strangest thing on MDE....imagine that!

    Yes, MDE showing 1 guest is a VERY common MDE glitch. It happens just about every other time I log in. I do think something weird is afoot with the umbrella, but it's very unclear what (if anything) is going on.
  14. anomamatt

    Current Trip Cost Toward DVC Purchase?

    For sure. Prior to getting that email, I had requested the DVC DVD and did a lot of "learning" on their site and here. I had not talked to a guide yet. Someone had called a few times, but I was in independent learning mode. I didn't talk to a guide until I knew I wanted to buy. From what I...
  15. anomamatt

    Interesting FP+ ticket issue

    I'm guessing this isn't related to the FP window, but that would require knowing what the OP's FP window looks like. My experience with multiple tickets on a single profile and FP booking has been confusing and erratic (what about MDE isn't?). I have never tried 10 1-day tickets to know what...
  16. anomamatt

    Current Trip Cost Toward DVC Purchase?

    I got an offer in early 2018 that was pretty amazing, but we couldn't get the dates to work. It was staying in CCV at 40% off and then applying the trip cost to DVC purchase. We were planning on buying DVC (and did), and it was impossible for us to make the dates. It was painful leaving a...
  17. anomamatt

    Strangest thing on MDE....imagine that!

    Tigger, can you ask your guests if they got a warning email? If not, it probably was indeed a random MDE glitch. It is true that with MDE all bets are off. Maybe I’m trying to make sense of madness...
  18. anomamatt

    Strangest thing on MDE....imagine that!

    I don’t know whether the umbrella is intentional or not. I’ve never seen evidence either way. But recent FP cancellations have me wondering. But to answer the other question, Disney support CMs have no idea what the actual rules are (most of the time). They are very good at guest recovery...
  19. anomamatt

    Strangest thing on MDE....imagine that!

    Did they get any emails about it? And are you >30 days out? Given your experience and some of the other threads and FP cancellations, I’m starting to wonder if they are cracking down on the umbrella (“sharing” a 60-day window).
  20. anomamatt

    Coordinating FPs Between On-Site Guests and Local AP Holders.

    If you can see your friend's profile in your MDE, just add them to your FP booking party at 60 days out. This is a feature / function we call the 'umbrella'. You can add off-site guests, APs or not, to your on-site FP plans. If you cannot see their profiles, you need to friend them within MDE.