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  1. Mrs. W

    Using AP discount at restaurants

    Yes! My sister and I are going to WDW this June, and I’m going to use my Tables in Wonderland/AP discounts for food and merchandise for both of us. She’s going to just transfer the money as we go using Zelle. My whole family uses Zelle since there’s no extra app to download - it’s within our...
  2. Mrs. W

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Earlier, I was able to customize my bands for the second part of my split stay. I actually did not love any of the options for myself, but I upgraded my sister’s band to the “all about the bow” Minnie Mouse design. I’ll just wear my Tiana band for our June trip.
  3. Mrs. W

    ***Official June 2019***

    I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s plans! Here are ours: 6/19: evening arrival @ POFQ; STK Orlando dinner (want to upgrade to AP and buy Tables in Wonderland card at Disney Springs, first thing) 6/20: MK; CRT dinner 6/21: Epcot; Teppan Edo lunch, Le Cellier dinner 6/22: HS; Hollywood...
  4. Mrs. W

    New Dinner Menu at CRT

    I also loved the beef tenderloin and shrimp entree on the old menu! One thing I personally really like about the new menu is they've added some low carb friendly sides, which is great for my husband, who is T1 diabetic. I’ve been to CRT with my sister, but not my husband, because the portions...
  5. Mrs. W

    Royal Caribbean Coco Cay Has stepped up

    Wow! Those DO look like promotional photos. It looks like they did a great job. I can’t wait to experience it all myself next March!
  6. Mrs. W


    I definitely want to see the menu, but I’ll be trying to book here regardless. My husband is an aerospace engineer and he’s *obsessed* with all things aerospace. He doesn’t keep up with/care about Disney news, and I’ve purposely kept my mouth shut about this restaurant. I’ve love to be able to...
  7. Mrs. W

    News Round Up 2019

    I wish I could like this post more than once. I love the new itineraries.
  8. Mrs. W

    Royal Caribbean Coco Cay Has stepped up

    These are great pictures! Thank you for sharing, OP. We’re sailing with Royal Caribbean for the first time next March. I specifically chose a sailing that would stop at CocoCay. I’m looking forward to March 2020 even more now!
  9. Mrs. W

    "Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration

    Wow, thank you! I didn’t realize UT sold party tickets either. I saved $39; more money than I’d save buying direct from Disney with an AP discount.
  10. Mrs. W

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    Thank you! I was hoping something had changed, but it looks like I have the best deal. Thank you again for checking!
  11. Mrs. W

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    Can someone check prices for moderates and deluxes for dates 6/19 - 6/25? Please and thank you. :) I have POFQ for an average of $229/night right now.
  12. Mrs. W

    Just got my SWGE reservation email

    I got my date and time as well. My info is correct.
  13. Mrs. W

    ***Official June 2019***

    Today was my fast pass day as well. I got everything I wanted, but couldn’t get Slinky at my ideal time for our Hollywood Studios day. I’m going to try and modify it before our trip.
  14. Mrs. W

    All About TICKETS & Upgrades

    I’m back. :) If I’m upgrading my December tickets to an annual pass when I arrive at the parks in June, that means no fast passes before then right? I don't have a voucher or anything at this point; just tickets I want to upgrade. Based on what you wrote in the initial posts, I can’t upgrade to...
  15. Mrs. W

    Tips for going bagless?

    I always go bagless at WDW and DL. It’s definitely easier to go bagless when I go with my husband; he just puts my stuff in his pockets. When I go without him though, I just plan outfits strategically: no dresses, just shorts or jeans with pockets, though the pockets are quite shallow. I do...
  16. Mrs. W

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    Thank you so much! This is really helpful!
  17. Mrs. W

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    Hello! I have a trip in December and my sister and I planned a June trip on a whim. I’m going to upgrade my December tickets to an annual pass in June. Is there anything available for around or under $250/night, for 6/19 - 6/25?
  18. Mrs. W

    How much is Cinderella's Royal Table?

    We have a dinner reservation in June. I paid $178.18 for 2 adults. You can go in My Disney Experience and try to book a reservation. The reservation page will show you the cost before you have to pay. The prices can vary (only slightly) so it may be best to just check yourself, if at all...
  19. Mrs. W

    June 2019!

    My sister and I planned a last minute trip to WDW. We are west coasters but it was actually cheaper to fly to WDW, and stay a day longer, than it was to drive to DL and stay on site. We’ll be visiting June 19-26, staying at POFQ. We make fast passes next Saturday. I made ADRs already and we...
  20. Mrs. W

    Coca-Cola and Disney partner for new 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' land

    I saw that article and video earlier, and I think they knocked it out of the park. I especially love the cans.