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  1. Lavitz

    Can you use partial credits for the Spirit of Aloha?

    Yes this. Works out the same as 40% off which is almost exactly what you were looking for in the first place.
  2. Lavitz

    Best quality CS in or near MK?

    Columbia Harbour House was also my vote, but as you said you must be ok with seafood. Actually Be Our Guest lunch would get my vote if money isn't an issue. It's overpriced a bit but the place is nice.
  3. Lavitz

    Chef Mickey's is really that bad?

    It is as bad as everyone says. I too doubted it could be that bad and went last trip to dinner at Chef Mickeys. Never again. The food was bad (horrendous compared to the other great food options at Disney, below average compared to any average buffet restaurant around your local town). The...
  4. Lavitz

    Best resort for a little girl who loves princesses?

    If allergies are a concern you can request a VIP cleaning which do they for people with allergies. Also the POR Royal Rooms and AoA Little Mermaid are good choices. Take a look and...
  5. Lavitz

    Bringing a 2 year old

    We always brought an umbrella stroller that reclines so they can lay pretty much straight down for in park naps. They cost about $60 I think.
  6. Lavitz

    Why doesn't family ask for advice before they book?

    If I had to guess I'd say that they're not asking because they honestly have no idea what's in store for them. They'll see the light and ask when planning the second trip after their first trip is a little bumpy, or write Disney off as an overrated waste of time and never go again. I know my...
  7. Lavitz

    Space Mountain....underated?

    I'd actually say it the most overrated ride at WDW. It's has that "shake you like a ragdoll" syndrome that older metal coasters have as they age, with the added downfall of not being able to see when it's going to shake you like a rag doll and brace yourself. That plus the big draw of the ride...
  8. Lavitz

    Stroller Theft

    I'd like to say that buying a $60 umbrealla stroller (not the super thin $10 kinds) is a great way to do WDW. Cheap enough they definitely won't be stolen. Large enough to keep the kids comfy, they even recline all the way down so kids can easily nap there.
  9. Lavitz

    Asked Twice about Ticket for Two Year Old

    We always go to Disney for our kids 3rd birthday, arriving a few days before the big day. Handful of times we were asked if we had a ticket for the little one, explained they turned 3 this trip and that was that. CMs never bat an eye, just smile and tell us to move along.
  10. Lavitz

    Autographs at character meals?

    Wow that's disappointing. One of the main reasons we go to the overpriced character meals is it's an easy way to get autographs without having to wait in line. If we're still going to have to wait in line to get the autograph I might as well skip the character meal and eat counter service or...
  11. Lavitz

    For those who are not morning people for the parks, I need your help.

    I'd personally book the really good FPs for 9:30-10:30am each day. If anyone asks that's the only time you were able to get it. Kids and mom should be used to getting up early due to school routine. I get wanting to sleep in on vacation but it shouldn't be hard to get to a park before 11 if...
  12. Lavitz

    Which is better? Christmas party vs a 1 day pass

    Yes party ticket prices are hard to swallow when you already bought tickets and can add an extra day for a fraction of the party ticket cost. We usually don't get park hoppers, and on our first trip we used the party ticket as a sort of park hopper. We did half day at a park we needed just a...
  13. Lavitz

    When you drive to MK...

    Yup, just follow the MK signs and it takes you right to the parking lot. Park, walk to end of the row to get on a tram, tram takes you to TTC, take monorail/boat to MK.
  14. Lavitz


    I was there last Nov from the 28th to Dec 5th. No Star Wars fireworks but they had the Stormtroopers march every hour.
  15. Lavitz

    Canadian used will call pickup option for tickets, already have magic bands, do I need to pick up?

    Planning a short trip since we're in Florida for a wedding. Since I'm in Canada I had to choose the will call delivery option. I see "4-Day Ticket with Admission to 1 Park Per Day" for every person on MDE. I used the same MDE account I used last year when staying on site, so we're bringing...
  16. Lavitz

    Help a very sad girl out please!

    We went Nov 28-Dec 5 last year and it was probably one of our best experiences. Crowd and weather were good. Christmas decorations start to come up shortly after Halloween so they're in full effect by beginning of Dec, same with the Christmas parties. We've tried Mid/late October, Mid...
  17. Lavitz

    Problems logging in for FP selection

    Ya I wish I could buy discounted tickets but I always go during free dining so I always have to get the package. At least if they stop doing free dining I can do what you suggested. Also I know that if my package is there my FPs will open up on my 60 day but it doesn't stop me worrying that it...
  18. Lavitz

    Problems logging in for FP selection

    Really wish they'd figure out a way for onsite guests to see they have tickets before their 60 day mark. Yes for the vast majority it pops up when their window opens but a) it can be nerve wracking to not see it there when you know you HAVE to do everyone on your 60 day mark and b) for the...
  19. Lavitz

    OCTOBER MAGIC KINGDOM HOURS EXTENDED!!! (later closes and earlier openings)

    Nice! My fireworks day went from 9pm to midnight. I never go during the time of the year where midnight closures are scheduled so I think I might take advantage this trip. Thanks!
  20. Lavitz

    Question for those who usually pack lunch - thoughts on dining?

    Disney portions are huge. Last November I would order 3 QS combos and that would easily feed myself, my wife and 3 kids (11, 6, 4). We would also probably throw away half to almost a full meal each time, they are a pretty good deal in this regard. Some places are better than others in this...


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