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  1. toonaspie

    Traveling with Grandparents: Where Should we Stay?

    Another suggestion no one has brought up is the AoA family suites. If you can sleep in a full bed pull down and your daughter the sofa pull out, then you can give your parents the main bedroom and they will still have their own bathroom and such. I dunno what the noise level is like at that...
  2. toonaspie

    Change in HS FP+ tiers as of Aug 29

    This probably won't be the case anymore once TOT moves to tier 1. TOT and ST were no brainers as far as what tier 2 FPs to pick. I dunno why Alien Saucers is still in tier 1. Is it really still that popular to warrant it?
  3. toonaspie

    Standard Rooms with Pull Down Bed?

    I believe all 2 queen CBR rooms have the pull down with the exception for the Pirate Rooms, so you should be fine as long as you're not booking a Pirate Room. The rooms at POR w/ the pull down are all in the Alligator Bayou area. Not sure if that is something specifically bookable or not. The...
  4. toonaspie

    Rookie mistake! Epcot tiered FP...

    He was probably not aware of the tier setup at Epcot, which I personally think is the worst out of all four parks. Of those rides you would only be allowed to get a FP for one since those are all tier 1 attractions. Tier 2 FPs are pretty pointless most times of the year when the lines are...
  5. toonaspie

    Leaving Disney hotel room unoccupied for one night in the middle of my stay

    It seems like a waste of money to pay for a room you're not using for one night (especially two Deluxe rooms) but I guess you are paying for the convenience of not having to deal with resort hopping and the checking process. Am I correct? Just out of curiosity, where is this place you're...
  6. toonaspie

    Vacuum Sealer machines

    I found some Foodsavers Fm2000s on sale at Ollie's Bargain Outlet for $30. I've been wanting a Foodsaver for quite some time. But a price that low for one seems rather fishy. I know there's a difference in different models. Is this one worth buying? How big of an item can this particular...
  7. toonaspie

    Table Service Restaurant Coming to Toy Story Land

    Restaurants shouldn't take as long to build so hopefully by the 50th. I never expected a table service restaurant in Toy Story Land of all places so this is a pleasant surprise. Sounds like they're finally listening to complaints about the lack of shade/AC even if it's just a tiny degree.
  8. toonaspie

    This doesn’t sound good (EMH going away?)

    I wouldnt be shocked by this at all. There's been little news about it as of late and it was strange that we got a SWGE opening date but not for this. I think this might have to do with all the issues they're having with the trackless tech which is also behind the delay with RotR. I don't...
  9. toonaspie

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    I wish this also applied to the Disney hotel rooms as well considering they're trying to get people to stay on property. Especially since the perks of staying onsite are slowly diluting in value as more of them get built.
  10. toonaspie

    How Long Does It Take You to Get Ready

    I can roll out of bed be dressed and be ready to go in 10 mins. It's a completely different story with anyone else I go with.
  11. toonaspie

    Last Minute WDW?

    If you can get the WDW app for your phone that is a good place to start. FPs and ADRs could pop up when you least expect them. You would just have to check as often as you can prior to your trip. Any FP you cant get you will have to consider rope dropping. Are you going solo or with other...
  12. toonaspie

    Have you ever gone on a trip you knew you couldn't afford?

    I actually booked a plane trip and a hotel room to DLR a couple of weeks ago. Came to my senses quick enough to get a full refund. (So less than 24 hrs) :p
  13. toonaspie

    All Star Movies Renovations

    I would book a preferred room regardless. The Mighty Ducks area will be the last buildings to be worked on. So if not all of the resort is finished by then, the vast majority of preferred rooms will be.
  14. toonaspie

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    I think that was part of the reason why Riviera got built where it is. They could have easily left that as part of CBR but they needed more expensive rooms on that line to help cover costs.
  15. toonaspie

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    I don't know if I want the gondolas to go to the All Stars and gouge up the prices of those rooms tbh. I would be fine with them just improving the bus service there. But I would think Disney would want to focus on their more pricier resorts for gondola expansion.
  16. toonaspie

    Have Room At Allstars Been Rehabbed?

    There's been an hiatus on the refurbs at All Stars unfortunately. No one knows when it will continue. Only buildings 6-10 had been confirmed as completed if that helps. It includes all of Love Bug, Toy Story, and only one of the Fantasia buildings.
  17. toonaspie

    Art of Animation...getting a refurb??

    Something tells me the Mermaid rooms will be the last rooms of all the values to get a refurb. I believe (just from what I've seen and what was intended) the original schedule of hard refurbs was to be: 2017 - Pop Century (completed) 2018 - ASMo (50% completed) 2019 - ASMu 2020 - ASSp 2021 -...
  18. toonaspie

    Telling refillable mugs apart with new design

    For the most part it will just be different colored lids. There might be variation if they're in the process of phasing out one design for another but that is rare.
  19. toonaspie

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    My parents didn't enjoy Satuli Canteen as I thought they would (I guess I didn't either). My intent was for us to try different QSRs for different meals but we ended up eating at the hotel for the most part instead. They're just not used to eating outside of home this much. And I do regret...
  20. toonaspie

    Dinner ADR at ABC Commissary starting 6/2/19

    So's still gonna be quick service that they're gonna charge now as table service? o_O


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