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  1. CampbellzSoup

    “Stitches Great Escape is imaginering at its best”

    Really John!?
  2. CampbellzSoup

    No free dining again?

    Again it will always live on through marketing promotion look what an awful value it is now with the type of hotel and tickets you have to get to achieve the promotion. DINE FREE at a galaxy far far away! *Must stay in the Star Wars themed hotel with a Parker hopper and water park and more...
  3. CampbellzSoup

    "Official" 2019 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Frightfully Festive Celebration

    Well it’s supposedly a grab and go so I assume until they sell out. You’re suppose to get your food maybe cool out and get out and enjoy the party and then enjoy parade viewing.
  4. CampbellzSoup

    A Reservation Procedure/System Must Be In Place for Galaxy's Edge @ DHS

    What an awful idea...a 6 night stay to get a reservation?
  5. CampbellzSoup

    Anyone get married here?

    Hey all has anyone gotten married here? I got married on castaway cay and I’m DEFINITELY going to renew my vows here. Did anyone get married here and have any advice or photos to share? Thanks!
  6. CampbellzSoup

    What Roy Disney's granddaughter has to say about Iger

    Unpopular opinion but Bob Iger is worth his price - his Eisner clean up has turned Disney into a luxury brand.
  7. CampbellzSoup

    March of the First Order is ending July 7th

    Same it makes it feel like something is going on it’s so thunderous and then flatlines once she’s up there
  8. CampbellzSoup

    "Official" 2019 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Frightfully Festive Celebration

    For those of us who love the Halloween spirit however don’t enjoy walking around sweaty and hot I’ve always found that the shirts get the job done they’re cute and affective and really get you into the mood
  9. CampbellzSoup

    Toy Story 4 Mini Review (No Spoilers)

    The story brought nothing really new to the franchise like how compelling 3 was. It was good but nothing breaking like the last three. The other toys were background fodder, and Bo’s given away story had no heart to it. It was good but not amazing
  10. CampbellzSoup

    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    I just think with ONE ride and a whole bunch of overpriced “experiences” there isn’t much to experience.
  11. CampbellzSoup


    I think you you not have friends who kid around and rib on you? The team is comprised of young men, and yes that’s what young men do.
  12. CampbellzSoup

    No free dining again?

    Pete’s wrong here. Free dining is a marketing tool that catches eyes and garners attention. Will it ever be a value like in the past? No. Will “free dining” still live on in advertisements s and marketing? Yes. The hoops and loops you’ll have to jump to will only be extended and pretty...
  13. CampbellzSoup

    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    You think I could get away with wearing a hoodie???
  14. CampbellzSoup

    Unique things to do as a Disney World veteran?

    Meet characters so much fun!
  15. CampbellzSoup

    Craig request please!

    Craig alluded to that it might be serious hence I want his photography stamp on the CBJ
  16. CampbellzSoup

    DVCFan Blog Fonts

    Love ya Pete
  17. CampbellzSoup

    Craig request please!

    With the rumor that country bears is closing can the DIS team film it in their style? I just honestly prefer the way you guys film things! If you can that would be aweseeesome just like when you guys filmed the Electric Parade.
  18. CampbellzSoup

    Just back...Pandora

    What did you think it was going to be...??? It sounds like you have expectations that can never be met. Flight of Passage was wonderful, immersive and amazing. I guess I knew what I was getting into and leveled my outlook.


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