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  1. Peri

    passing of a Diser

    Dancing in heaven with Annette :goodvibes
  2. Peri

    Howdy! FW Cabin FAQ Thread!!

    whether you rent from WDW or from an off site vendor, you use the same cart all the time, you have the key so others cannot use it. You park at a designated cart area. The charging stations are at your cabins. The carts are WAY worth it, in my opinion and sort of fun. :cool1:
  3. Peri

    Ever get a gift that made you a teensy bit mad?

    Well, after reading this list, I have to ask - is your MIL Ariel??
  4. Peri

    Top Character Meals?

    Minnie is wonderful for younger kids (like yours) Ariel - so great, especially for girls Surf's Up - okay, but nothing to write home about for us Goofy's Kitchen - a bust - food is very low-end and characters are scarce although, as a disclaimer, one year we had a fabulous Jasmine who sat on...
  5. Peri

    Gift Ideas for Men?

    Membership at a museum or club with his interests? Coupon for a weekend at a bed and breakfast that has a telescope and observatory experience? Train ride to someplace interesting? (just a day trip). Enjoy your holidays! pixiedust:
  6. Peri

    Nursing home stocking stuffers?

    We always did stockings for aging family members, some in care homes, some still at home. Everything mentioned = good ideas! For peeking out the top - this sounds odd but we gave everyone a beanie-sized stuffed animal or character - "manly" space creatures, sharks, crabs, or aliens for...
  7. Peri


    Yes, there is a laundry area with a few machines on the grounds of the Disneyland resort
  8. Peri

    San Diego hop on and off tour

    You can find threads about this over on the California and the West board!
  9. Peri

    Drinking in california

    > > >
  10. Peri

    Question re: Chili Cone Queso at Cars Land

    Yes it has beans Here is a link to a video with a chef tasting the cone -lol. Looks tasty. Not sure if they make a version without beans.
  11. Peri

    VMK request

    This may be a dumb suggestion -but the vmk discussion board subset is still here on the Dis and perhaps something got posted there in the old stuff??? There is a lot of stuff on there! Peri Forever!! :thumbsup2
  12. Peri

    Can Someone Explain The Resort Within a Resort Thing?

    Blue Devil, you are so correct - the hotel on top of Monte Carlo is called Hotel 32 - sorry for the confusion! :cool1:
  13. Peri

    Can Someone Explain The Resort Within a Resort Thing?

    There are some hotels within hotels at some resorts in Vegas. Not at Golden Nugget, though. At Mandalay Bay the top floors are separate - you reach them by a separate elevator - they have fab views, their own restaurant - very expensive, and yes, you check in at a different location. I...
  14. Peri

    How crazy does the park(s) get during Christmas parade filming?

    We have been there during parade fliming - they use main street, the central circle, and flagpole areas. Nothing else seems to be involved. Although the street was a bit crowded, it was easy to move up and down through the shops. I would say, at least for us, there was no effect whatsoever...
  15. Peri

    our 1st Vegas trip in Sept- need advice

    And you absolutely will not need to rent a car - there are monorails, buses and trams all over.
  16. Peri

    our 1st Vegas trip in Sept- need advice

    We go two to three times a year and are a great deal older than you, so though we don't stay at these properties, I assure you they are TONS of fun for your age - Luxor - would be just fine - remember, there is a free monorail between Luxor and Mandalay Bay (and Excalibur). You can get...
  17. Peri

    Big Thunder Ranch BBQ

    This is a great spot for a meal - we love it. It is not a "lunch," per se - it is a sit down restaurant - outdoors - with long wooden tables and checkered clothes. The food is served family style and the ranch opens at 11 am - not sure what time it closes - it is also seasonal, so call ahead...
  18. Peri


    Never stayed in Oceanside but have stayed in San Clemente (at a rented condo) and Carlsbad - The area is very fun and nice and you are right by Legoland - a good destination for kids in the age groups you have! Also not that far from San Diego with their zoo and Sea World. And the beach...
  19. Peri

    Would you believe it? A Disneyland trip with no Disney magic...

    Wow - I just read your report and am so glad that you are now better and things turned out okay! What a darling family you have - I am glad they were there with you to lend moral support. We all rely on you for so much information - it is hard to imagine you flattened for a few days. I...
  20. Peri

    Jack could use your prayers

    Yes - such wonderful news!! :cool1:


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