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    FP picking day is tomorrow - May 7th! How do these choices look?

    The only thing that I would change is Nemo and SE. I’ve always been able to get on both of those fairly quick in standby. Check up too because I know SE is closing for remodel soon.
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    Let's get those lovebug reports please!!!

    Not too bad in the parks, they were annoying enough at the resort though.
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    Monorail smell :)

    The carpet retains a variety of smells producing a hay/sweat smell
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    Going Back to the way it was.

    Plastic straws would be nice. The paper ones are a soggy mess.
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    Best place to do your business

    I don’t think that I’m out of line in asking best/cleanest restrooms in MK. I prefer the one by Casey’s Corner and the one below Splash Mountain. They are both hidden just enough.
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    Whats up with all the Farting ?

    The only other time that I’ve had it happen was on Winnie The Pooh. I was so excited for the dream part when they pump the smell of honey into the ride. We entered the blacklight room and I was prepared to inhale deeply the smell of sweet sweet honey. Prior to the elephant “poof”, I caught the...
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    Whats up with all the Farting ?

    The worst is when someone lets one fly in the queue at SM. Literally nowhere to go and you’re trapped.
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    There’s a new one coming out called “Muscle Shirt Wearing Guest Who Smells Like BO” for the authentic on ride experience
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    Smokers in the parks

    I haven’t seen anyone try to sneak a toke the last few times that I’ve gone. My guess is they will try to vape if anything as it doesn’t smell.
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    How bad is the scooter situation?

    Personally, I have the sugars so I can’t walk for long periods without getting lightheaded. I ride a scooter every time that I go and I’m always courteous to those around me. I only use my horn in rare situations.


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