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  1. fla4fun

    Convention tickets increasing in price!

    I am a little surprised that there wasn’t a contract in place to guarantee prices once both sides signed it. I used to work for a company that booked conventions in Orlando, and the contracts had everything spelled out, especially prices. Sounds like whoever booked the convention dropped the ball.
  2. fla4fun

    Working for Disney, just to get in?

    That will probably be my post retirement plan, but that is still many years away.
  3. fla4fun

    What do you do when you don't get along with other annual passholders?

    I have seen people with the AP slider on a magicband and assumed they were active passholders, but I typically wouldn’t strike up a conversation unless they were encroaching on my personal space, and then I would still think twice. You just don’t know how people will react these days, and am...
  4. fla4fun

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    A monorail pilot, a boat captain and a bus driver walk into a bar . . .
  5. fla4fun

    spinoff from How Messy thread, How messy is your hair right now

    Neat and tidy . . . But I am at work today, so it should be tidy.
  6. fla4fun

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    I only have one experience with the Crescent Lake boats shutting down for weather and, in that particular instance, by the time the bus arrived at the Studios the boats were able to run again and we remained on the boat. We don’t yet know how often they will be running buses once the gondolas...
  7. fla4fun

    When do AP discounts come out?

    There have been times with no discounts, times when discounts were only for specific hotels (one summer it was the Epcot deluxes only), and times with really tiny discounts. The discounts vary depending on whether Disney needs them to fill the rooms. They have no incentive to discount rooms...
  8. fla4fun

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    I wonder if they are waiting until after the 24th when the first public access day occurs at Disneyland before deciding just how many days of previews they want to do? I have been seeing SWGE commercials in heavy rotation the past few days. If they get a huge response at DL on Monday, they may...
  9. fla4fun

    Feeling over fee-ed! Looking for off site hotel with no extra fees

    Hampton Inns usually don’t have either resort fees or parking fees. If you are searching properties on the Hilton website, fees are one of the criteria you can use to filter the results, as well as things like free breakfast.
  10. fla4fun

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    I would be very upset if I tried to leave IG only to be told I had to go to the front of Epcot for a bus, then walk to the front of Epcot and get there just in time for the weather to clear enough that they have started the gondolas up again and cancelled the buses, so I get directed to the back...
  11. fla4fun

    S/O - do you attend Pride events?

    I work on the weekend when most events are scheduled, so I haven’t been able to attend any yet.
  12. fla4fun

    Cell phone for 11 year old

    I have a prepaid phone with no data, but being a smartphone a WiFi connection is all I need. I don’t need to be that connected on a regular basis (especially since we aren’t allowed to use personal phones at work). I can’t think of a smartphone that wouldn’t have WiFi access even if a parent...
  13. fla4fun

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I wanted to be a wife from the first crush I had on a boy in kindergarten. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always give us what we want . . . I never really had a career in mind, but took classes in accounting and office things like typing to have something to fall back on. I still work in...
  14. fla4fun

    Restaurants accepting credit/debit only?

    My company tried to go cashless a few times, but found the best compromise was to go Exact Change Only. So we accept cash, but cannot give change back. Our prices include tax and have been rounded off to not include any odd coin amounts. Most of our business is credit or debit cards, but...
  15. fla4fun

    Wow! Long time since I’ve been on here!!!

    Well, you have a few options. Since you like the value renovations, you can stay value. If you like the values, but are interested in CSR if it’s not crowded, you could book a split stay with part of the trip (first part recommended) at a value and part at CSR to see if you like it. Or, you...
  16. fla4fun

    Has Environmentality gone too far?

    I wouldn’t travel with reusable straws as there is no way to sanitize them in the hotel room. I can sanitize my toothbrush by pouring boiling water over the brush end (and I do sanitize my toothbrush daily before use), but there’s too much risk of getting a serious burn to try that with a...
  17. fla4fun

    Confused credit card holds

    Disney doesn’t have any control over how long it takes for the hold to drop off. That is determined by the bank that issues your credit card. If you are using the same card you used in the Marriott example you gave, then it should take the same amount of time for Disney’s holds to drop off.
  18. fla4fun

    Is this retail store "official"?

    Yes, I have. My BIL wanted a discontinued Christmas ornament they had in stock, so I bought it as a gift. It was the genuine item. I had no issues with the transaction and the ornament arrived in perfect condition.
  19. fla4fun

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    I guarantee this will be me. I don’t have a huge interest in going, but my BIL and sister, who are going with me would have. Unfortunately for them they are Silver, so no go. So the least interested person could go solo, and the most interested could wait outside. Fun! I guarantee the...
  20. fla4fun

    Has anyone been to Washington dc

    My sister and BIL and I did a road trip from Florida to DC in 2015, but we have relatives in Virginia we like to visit when we can. We stayed near Georgetown and either walked or used public transport to get around. We didn’t drive in the city itself. We really enjoyed the Mall and the...


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