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  1. MrKnight

    Hilton Bonnet Creek Vs. Waldorf Astoria

    Both are great hotels, here are the main differences: Waldorf Astoria is a luxury hotel with the upscale and exclusive feel, the main clientele is adults, couples, wealthy foreign travelers, golfers, and the occasional celebrity/public figure. Accommodations are very luxurious and a combination...
  2. MrKnight

    Thanksgiving day which park

    It truly depends on what you are looking for, if you are looking for Thanksgiving meal offerings then Epcot would likely be a good option due to huge variety of restaurants to pick from.
  3. MrKnight

    Emergency laundry help

    Definitely speak to the Front Desk (ask for a manager if necessary) and request to use the laundry facilities at another nearby Hilton-operated property such as Hilton LBV or Hilton BVP.
  4. MrKnight

    New to Disney..stay out of Disney resorts to save money?

    When staying off-site always be sure to factor in transportation costs to WDW (PLUS parking fees if you drive), after doing the math it may very well turn out that staying on-site or at a nearby resort (such as DS area or Bonnet Creek resorts) that provides complimentary transportation to the...
  5. MrKnight

    Epcot or Hollywood Studios on a Saturday

    Saturdays during F&W are very popular with local AP holders, with that said, I think going as far as saying "the worst" is a harsh statement as IMO I actually enjoy F&W on Saturdays as the crowds of primarily locals kind of adds an extra layer of excitement and an overall festive feel in the air...
  6. MrKnight

    Epcot Extra Magic Hours

    As stated by Robo most of WS should be open and available to freely explore, rides will certainly be open (FEA, Three Caballeros, etc.) and practically every restaurant and shopping area should be open. This is a great time to leisurely explore WS with light crowds, sounds like a great time to...
  7. MrKnight

    Epcot Countries Things To Do List?

    IMHO I really enjoy watching the films in each country and also watching the street performers, I also enjoy walking slowly through the themed areas deep in each pavilion and soaking in every detail in the nooks and corners that can easily be overlooked if walking through too quickly, some...
  8. MrKnight

    Epcot or Hollywood Studios on a Saturday

    EPCOT hands down would be the strongly recommended choice! As previously stated DHS will be a total madhouse with the opening of SWGE and will likely frequently hit capacity especially on Saturdays. Epcot on the other hand while also busy due to F&W is a much better designed park to handle heavy...
  9. MrKnight

    International gateway?

    YES it is open, all of the construction work is behind walls and currently has no impact whatsoever on guests entering or exiting the park. In regards to the gondolas affecting crowds at IG, I am sure WDW management has a plan in place to increase staffing at the IG gate once the gondolas are...
  10. MrKnight

    Waldorf Astoria

    It is most definitely a top-tier luxury resort which of course comes with the service level and luxury amenities, expect to be pampered, I would recommend it primarily for couples and/or adult-only trips. The resort is also a big draw for avid golfers due to the on-site Waldorf Astoria golf...
  11. MrKnight

    Hilton Bonnet Creek - Questions about amenities

    See my responses to your questions below corresponding to each number, hope this helps :) 1. YES, there are surrey-bikes available at the resort, last I checked they are complimentary 2. Summerblast Weekends - If the activity is only offered on select days then it will say it on the guide, if...
  12. MrKnight

    Convention Center hotel quickest covered entrance

    I would recommend Hilton Orlando, it is directly attached to the convention center via a covered pedestrian bridge:
  13. MrKnight

    First time offsite in years..

    Out of the two hotels you mentioned I would recommend the DoubleTree. Another "off-site" hotel (but still on WDW property) that I highly recommend is Hilton Bonnet Creek:
  14. MrKnight

    Suggestion for semi-fast food on the way from MCO to AK

    I would recommend eating INSIDE the airport, it would be the most time efficient option as most of the fast-food type restaurant chains pretty much all have a location inside the airport, I would recommend the food court inside the main terminal building as it is the largest food court and also...
  15. MrKnight

    Space Mountain: Day vs. Night

    I strongly agree! SM is better experienced at night as your eyes are already adjusted to the nighttime darkness outside and hence you can see more inside the attraction. IMO overall I enjoy MKP much more at night than during the day, this is one of the main reasons why I never do RD and instead...
  16. MrKnight

    Epcot : Mission Space - Concerns about motion sickness

    There are two versions of the ride with two separate entrances, the "Orange" version is the more intense version with actual g-force spinning that has been known for causing motion sickness, the "Green" version on the other hand is the less intense version that does NOT spin and you are hence in...
  17. MrKnight

    Bonnet Creek Shuttle - Wyndham Grand Hotel (not timeshare) vs Hilton

    The shuttle service that serves Hilton Bonnet Creek/Waldorf Astoria Orlando is FREE and from my experience reliable/frequent, they also have a very useful website with an exact schedule by date: The shuttle service that serves Wyndham Bonnet Creek is NOT FREE...
  18. MrKnight

    Does Disney FP planning stress you out?

    Not necessarily stressful but it can be very irritating and frustrating especially for locals and AP holders who do not plan their park visits so far out in advance, the entire FP system makes it very challenging to make spontaneous visits to the parks.
  19. MrKnight

    Monumental Hotel

    While I have not stayed there personally, IMHO I would advise against staying in any hotel that is not branded nor affiliated with a reputable hotel chain (such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, etc.).. Also a quick search on TripAdvisor seems to show more negative reviews than positive from travelers...
  20. MrKnight

    Third fast pass in epcot?

    Spaceship Earth is normally the best third FP (non-headliner attraction option), depending on the time of day and traffic flow from the main entrance the standby queue can easily surpass 30 min at any given time, FP for SE can come in handy especially during peak times.


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