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  1. ChrisFL

    Wayfair....yay or nay?

    Let's just say after hearing about the cruelty they're involved with, I will never be shopping for anything from Wayfair EVER!! Their employees are going to stage a walkout tomorrow due to what they're involved with.
  2. ChrisFL

    Men's wallet

    Trifold...just carry a lot of stuff. There's the new trend of minimalist wallets with the money on the outside and cards on the other...or similar. that makes me paranoid
  3. ChrisFL

    Sexy famous women over 45

    Sade ...she's a goddess
  4. ChrisFL

    Do you know anyone who identifies as asexual?

    There's also something known as "herbivore" men in places like Japan where similar situations happen, people don't date due to the stress of relationships or lack of drive, etc.
  5. ChrisFL

    Do you know anyone who identifies as asexual?

    I have a friend I've known for about 18 years, he's in his late 50's and never dates anyone, though he is, as far as I can tell, straight. He's just not interested in dating and drama. His sister was divorced 3 times, so that may have something to do with it.
  6. ChrisFL

    Men, when growing up and playing sports

    Only for Karate classes, never wore one for softball, volleyball
  7. ChrisFL

    OT Other theme park help

    Hersheypark is great, and they have a really nice area outside of the park as well, called Chocolate World, with an EPCOT quality dark ride going through how they make the it's FREE to ride! and you get a sample when you leave.
  8. ChrisFL

    Introverts! feedback

    I used to have social anxiety, now I just have social awkwardness :p Edit: that reminds me of something else that bothers introverts I think....small talk. Extroverts like small talk more than introverts who would prefer silence most of the time (IMO!)
  9. ChrisFL

    Introverts! feedback

    It isn't some random person, it's the person I'm going to marry, so yes, I did need to explain it, and now she understands better.
  10. ChrisFL

    Introverts! feedback

    I am an introvert, and often feel misunderstood by extroverts, including my fiancee when I had to explain that introvert does not mean shy. Extroverts don't seem to understand that being introverted can seem like being shy, but it's not the same kind of thing. I've been reading random things...
  11. ChrisFL

    AP magnets???

    Apparently it happens frequently. A friend of mine had all of his stolen from his truck...WHILE he was parked at Epcot
  12. ChrisFL

    Am I the only one that is unimpressed with SWGE - where is the juice?

    Especially for something like Smuggler's Run which is an interactive ride apparently (I haven't seen videos) that would be like watching other people playing Toy Story mania, lol
  13. ChrisFL

    Am I the only one that is unimpressed with SWGE - where is the juice?

    Why visit the Disney parks at all, if you can get everything from youtube videos? I mean, they should just cancel anyone going to the parks and tell everyone to watch the videos of it :rolleyes2
  14. ChrisFL

    Crazy Theory based on recent rumors...

    Sadly, they could have done that in Hong Kong, instead they just overlayed the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride instead.
  15. ChrisFL

    Crazy Theory based on recent rumors...

    For those who may not be aware, shortly after EPCOT opened, there were plans for a TRON themed arcade to be in one of the Communicore (now Innoventions) buildings, but it was cancelled for some reason. I'm not sure, TRON is still a bit more fantasy than possible reality to me, so in that...
  16. ChrisFL

    Crazy Theory based on recent rumors...

    I don't know...Wall-E is pretty dystopian, or basically the opposite of what EPCOT was supposed to represent.
  17. ChrisFL

    Where did the concrete pillars of peoples pictures go ?

    20 years actually, but yes, it doesn't specify WHERE on property I don't believe
  18. ChrisFL

    Have you tried the Impossible Burger or any of the other Impossible Foods products?

    Yes, basically we need to stop using cows as a major meat source because they have a very damaging environmental impact. I had one Impossible Burger at one of the Epcot festivals and it was good enough to switch from a regular fast food burger IMO. I heard Burger King is going to serve them...
  19. ChrisFL

    Car people - 2006 Lexus IS 250 AWD

    The only thing I can say, after owning a used Lexus, is that parts if you ever do need them, could be a lot more expensive than regular Toyota parts for example. Turned out that the used car I bought had been in a crash, but there was a mix-up in the car I got at the dealer vs the one I got the...
  20. ChrisFL

    Are you afraid of clowns?

    YES! If anyone is old enough to remember the 3D movie that played at Epcot, then later MK, called "Magic Journeys" it had creepy clowns...scarred for life, lol


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