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    Can anyone recommend a good smaller backpack?

    I remember the first trip "diaper free". How exciting! Congrats!
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    Yes, we do this too. You can usually find this stuff at the Dollar Store, but Target has some different glow things, and right now Wal Mart has some cool glow stuff in with the Halloween section. It is so much fun for the kids....oh, who am I kidding? I love playing with that stuff as much as...
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    Disney World Snake - here we go again!!!

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    Which Disney Princess Are You?

    Another Cinderella here :-)
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    I confess! I was the rude guest at WDW!

    We can start a support group! :rotfl:
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    WDW over Thanksgiving

    We went Thanksgiving week a few years ago - a group of 10. We thought it was great - light crowds, Christmas decorations, cool weather. We are planning another trip this year Thanksgiving week.
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    I confess! I was the rude guest at WDW!

    I was that person one time...although it really was an accident. We were in Epcot when they opened the bridge for the Illuminations barge to go through. I was pushing DS in a stoller, and SO worried that I was going to bump someone's ankles. Well, someone barged up behind me, and bumped my...
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    When to propose to my G/F?

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents - we have been twice the week before Christmas - once driving home on the 23rd, and once on the 24th. Both times the crowds were low, the Christmas lights were beautiful, and the weather was gorgeous! I could tell crowds starting to pick up the last couple of day...
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    Not so Happy dance

    Have a GREAT Time!!!!!
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    When is the best time to go?

    Yes, out Monday - Wednesday every year - that's true along all the MS Coast, but no further north than the I-10!
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    8 year anniversary with kids

    Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 8th anniversary on 10/16. One thing that we have found with little ones, is that if you schedule a sit down dinner late, often at least one may be asleep in the stroller! At least they will be tired & calm, which makes for a relaxing evening together!
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    Fun way to count down to your trip?

    I was on a different thread and another poster made the GREATEST countdown calendar using Mickey Heads from Home Depot. This is the link.......
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    Disney During Christmas

    We have gone twice the week BEFORE Christmas - once driving home on the 23rd, and once driving home on the 24th. Both times were great - low crowds, Christmas decorations up, beautiful weather. BUT - watching people check in on our last couple of days - I could imagine how busy the week after...
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    When is the best time to go?

    I've thought about going Mardi Gras week, too...but the other poster was right - if it coincides with President's Day, then it is too crowded. My cvote is Mardi Gras week!
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    No Crocs allowed at pre-school!!!!

    The big thing at my DS's kindergarten is you MUST wear socks. DS loves his Crocs, but can't stand them with socks no Crocs at school for him, either.
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    Going with just hubby

    My DH have gone twice without the kids...just being able to see an attraction or watch a show and SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! Usually we get split up - one parent with each kid. AND - our kids have always been such sports about understanding our need to have some time to ourselves.
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    I've officially earned my ears!!!

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    Pop Century Alligators???

    And don't feed them! That whole associating-people-with-food thing may turn some future mousekateer into Lunch!
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    Rides to avoid due to motion sickness

    Dinosaur didn't bother me at is loud & jerky & flashing lights, but nothing to bother me with motion sickness at all! It really is quite fun!


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