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  1. TOBS2010

    City Works Eatery and Pour House open date?

    Curious has anyone heard of an opening date for City Works in DS? It was supposed to open Summer 2019. It would be somewhere new that we haven't tried and looks like it would have lots of beer selections on tap for my DH.
  2. TOBS2010

    1900 Park Fare - Which is Better? Breakfast or Dinner for Character Experience

    I have done both and they are both good. I liked the food at dinner better than breakfast---but breakfast is breakfast. The characters are going to be different at each of them. Breakfast has more costumed characters (Tigger, Pooh and Mad Hatter). Some kids are terrified of the full costumes at...
  3. TOBS2010

    What Disney Springs Restaurant Should I Choose?

    I think Ragland Road could be a good pick. They have chicken tenders and fries---along with fish and chips for a kid. My kids are generally distracted here with the entertainment. What about Maria and Enzos--they have pizza and pasta available. Terralina also has a good kids menu too.
  4. TOBS2010

    Port Orleans - Riverside or Beach Club?

    I was just going to comment to say that I would pick POR over the Beach Club to save that much money. If you are adults, you can use a Minnie Van to get to and from places a little faster than the buses. And if you are planning on spending alot of time at Epcot, you can walk over to the Beach...
  5. TOBS2010

    Asking for another resort at check in

    If I were you, I would call Disney as soon as you think you have the money in your budget available and just ask if there are any moderate rooms available under the bouceback offer that you have now. If they say no, call back a few days later and see if you have any luck and so on. If all else...
  6. TOBS2010

    Dining choices with teens/preteens

    I echo skipping Chef Mickey's. The food isn't that great. 1900 Park Fare has better food in my opinion than Chef Mickey's, especially for dinner if you are looking for another character meal. Ohana for breakfast is better than Chef Mickey's if you are looking for another breakfast. Ragland Road...
  7. TOBS2010

    Contemporary VS POR VS POFQ

    Staying at a monorail resort has always been on my bucket list too---especially with two still smaller children. The convenience of being so close to the MK where we spend most of our time is just ideal. However, price wise I can never constitute paying the deluxe prices. The last two times we...
  8. TOBS2010

    Which studio would you choose?

    Hands down BCV. Better pool and best walking distance to Epcot if you are planning on spending alot of time there.
  9. TOBS2010

    Mousekeeping - Accept vs Decline

    If you decline housekeeping, they will not change your sheets for you even if you request it. We had an issue with my son last summer who had a small accident while napping one afternoon. I called to see if we could get a new bedspread and sheet set (thankfully it didn't leak through to the...
  10. TOBS2010

    Room suggestion for only child bringing a friend trip

    At that age, I would only do one room. If you are looking for them to have more space, perhaps consider an AOA suite or a villa somewhere. You could get two rooms and request them to be connecting, but there is never a guarantee for getting connecting rooms. I personally wouldn't feel...
  11. TOBS2010

    Didn't take long for WDW to gouge, I mean, increase the resort parking fees

    Disney is really outpricing themselves out of the market in terms of family vacations. I'm glad that we planned a summer trip this year because we aren't going back again for a long time. I grew up going to Disney over and over again. Wanted to share that same experience with my kids, but it's...
  12. TOBS2010

    Traders Sams with kids

    Want to suggest if you are looking for a character meal---what about 1900 Park Fare. We were pleasantly surprised by the good food last august. Otherwise, set up a dining alert in mouse dining for a Chef Mickey's reservation. You have plenty of time to come up with a Chef Mickey's reservation...
  13. TOBS2010

    Help me pick a hotel...

    I agree---if SWGE is one of your main purposes of going, I would stay at BWI or BC/YC so that you are within walking distance of the park. Might be helpful being able to come and go easily in terms of crowds. Plus being over in that area being within walking distance of epcot is nice for dining...
  14. TOBS2010

    Art of Animation or Port Orleans in late August

    I would go with POFQ hands down. The LM rooms are much smaller than what you are going to get at POFQ. Sure, you would have the skyliner for Epcot and HS, but until it is up and running to know how useful it is--I am not whether or not it will be a huge selling point. POFQ is a peaceful and more...
  15. TOBS2010

    Drop down kid bed question

    We tried using the bed rails two years ago on the pull down bed. It sorta worked, but the rails weren't as sturdy as they were in a normal bed because the mattress isn't as deep or heavy as what you find on a regular bed. In the end, DS who was 2.5 ended up sleeping at night most of the time...
  16. TOBS2010

    Is Port Orleans FQ worth the difference over Pop?

    I love POFQ and POR but with that kind of price difference I just couldn't justify it. POFQ is a smaller resort compared to POP and you get the boat to Disney Springs---but POP will likely have usage of the Gondolas to get to Epcot and HS which could be really nice as well. Perhaps look at other...
  17. TOBS2010

    Character breakfast help

    We love Ohana for breakfast---often we take a Minnie Van there in the morning and then monorail over to the MK right after. Another great find we had on our trip last summer was dinner at 1900 Park Fare---lots of food variety and great kid options are available. For dinner there it is...
  18. TOBS2010

    Does Garden Grill rotate currently?

    hahhahaha ok now I get it. I thought I was missing some kind of secret. LOL :rotfl2:
  19. TOBS2010

    Cancelling BOG Lunch?

    Have you thought of ordering kids meals? I ended up ordering that for my lunch last summer when nothing on the adult menu intrigued me and it was more than enough food for me. Prices on kids meals are much more affordable if you are trying to save some money. Columbia House is another great win...


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