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  1. DisLiss

    Somebody please explain cell phone use ...

    I will add, though, that I think one reason people use the phones that way is that when cell phones first became very small, they were flip phones, and they still had a bit of a shape similar to an actual phone receiver, in that part of it was near your ear and part came closer to your mouth...
  2. DisLiss

    Somebody please explain cell phone use ...

    It may be their choice, but perhaps not the choice of the person on the other end. I was sitting in my car waiting to pick up my son from school one day and it was summer (we were in school very late that year!), so my windows were down. There was a woman in a car in the actual parking lot...
  3. DisLiss

    Port Orleans - Riverside or Beach Club?

    Wow, such a tough one! These are my 2 favorite resorts! I love Epcot and we go there often, so an Epcot resort certainly is nice in that regard, especially if you are there during a time of year when you're not melting during any outdoor time. ;) But POR is very quiet and pretty and it just...
  4. DisLiss

    How much do you spend on vacations?

    Yes, but if I figure the percentage of money spent on one trip from just that year's salary, it would be incorrect. But if I say well, we've saved 5 years for this trip and divide it out that way, it will be too low per year, since we would have done smaller trips in between, and I don't have 5...
  5. DisLiss

    News Round Up 2019

    I honestly feel like the first issue with the blue & green milk, is that even though it's plant-based milk, is the "milk", which is a toughie since these drinks are supposed to be milk. ;) I just don't think a ton of people are going to love milky drinks (aside from actual milk-shakes, of...
  6. DisLiss

    What do you think of Disney clothing for adults?

    I think people should wear what makes them comfortable and/or happy. I'd hope that they could be both comfortable and happy, but I do realize that there are a great number of people who feel it's worth losing on on comfort to wear something they particularly like the look of. :) I do not...
  7. DisLiss

    When do you stop renting a stroller?

    One great thing about letting the kids stay in the stroller longer is that you reduce the fear of being accidentally separated from them in a massive crowd--for you or for the kid(s)--whoever happens to be the bigger worrier. ;) (On a related thing, as an adult...
  8. DisLiss

    When do you stop renting a stroller?

    When the stroller starts to just be something we pushed "stuff" around in. We didn't feel a stroller was in any way convenient, so when we started finding that we were going places and pushing around jackets and bags more than an actual kid, is when we started leaving the stroller behind. The...
  9. DisLiss

    Room noise levels

    At home I wake up umpteen times a night, but after a day in the parks, I sleep like the dead at WDW, no matter what resort I stay in. But I do agree with those who suggested a white noise machine or app or a small fan. That constant little drone of noise may help no matter where you go...
  10. DisLiss

    News Round Up 2019

    I'm thinking they don't want an "Oasis Canteen" and an "Oga's Cantina" in the same park.
  11. DisLiss

    Big ride closures next year?

    I heard the Spaceship Earth was supposed to be closed in 2020, but nothing more specific than that.
  12. DisLiss

    Big ride closures next year?

    I don't know, but if PM is really closed I will bad for DH because his 2 favorite rides will be down, then..SE & PM. He's pretty easy-going and he'll still be happy to be there, but I'll still feel bad for him.
  13. DisLiss

    Why do WDW before Universal?

    Do what you prefer. :) We'll be spending 2 days at Universal first for our next trip. Then we'll have our WDW time. I like knowing that once I arrive at WDW, I'm staying there until I have to go home. :)
  14. DisLiss

    Magic band upgrade progress

    It was just showing 5 of the upgrade choices when I checked, but none of them are really of interest for me and our trip is so far out that I'd much rather wait and see if anything pops up in the future that I prefer. If not we'll just stick with out regular freebie ones. :)
  15. DisLiss

    Marriage proposal.....

    I'm sure the cast members will be lovely. I can't say one way or another about other guests. But congrats in advance from me! :)
  16. DisLiss

    When to book resort for 2020?

    I book right away. I booked our room only reservations first, then I added the tickets & such just today. I can always call back about discounts, but I like having it booked. Our dates really aren't something we can change by more than a day or two, so it's good for my peace of mind every...
  17. DisLiss

    Value resort not so much of a value...

    Even with transfers, I figure the buses deal with traffic, which can vary depending on time of year or day. Plus, at the end of the day, I will skip a bus if I have to stand. By the time I'm leaving the park...I want to sit. :) So in that regard I imagine it will take me less time to find a...
  18. DisLiss

    Value resort not so much of a value...

    One other thing to remember is that we're dealing with date-based pricing, so I might look up a standard value room for an August trip and be far more pleased with the price I am quoted that someone trying to book that same room during the Spring Break time frame. I mentioned in another thread...
  19. DisLiss

    Reaching Cast Member Direct Extensions??

    Thanks everyone! I did as suggested and emailed the CM. He just called me back, we got everything squared away, and I did remember to stay on the line to give him a glowing survey response! :cool1: Thanks so much for the advice, everyone! :thanks:
  20. DisLiss

    Question from the UK about DW etiquette...

    I was thinking along the same lines as cincystamper above me....if Disney doesn't want this happening at a restaurant..they'll switch it to a buffet or a prix fixe so that the option is no longer available.


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