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  1. tlcdoula

    Is Disneyland as magical as Disney World ?

    When we come to Disneyland we stay across the street and honestly only use the hotel to sleep, once I walk across the cross walk and see the esplanade I am fully immersed in Disney. I love how easy DL is to plan, (although sometimes I miss the planning of WDW), I also love that Walt actually...
  2. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    Picking a hotel is prob the most stressful part for me. We like to be as close to the gate as possible and have stayed at Del Sol most of our trips. This trip we are staying at the Desert Inn Suites next door because it was a few hundred dollars cheaper. I have looked at the Tropicana a few...
  3. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    I was watching the reservations today and if it continues I think we will be fine for the Cantina. I know I have had to modify some of my reservations at Disney world before because of being sick from the Pandora ride and I was able to use the modify option on my reservation and chose a date a...
  4. tlcdoula

    The Return of Paint the Night??

    I kept hoping they would bring it back to help move the crowd over to DCA but it never happened :(
  5. tlcdoula

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    YES!! haha I just logged in and checked times for Ogas and was able to get a few different times for this afternoon / evening. It seems that it is going pretty smoothly today. Now that I have park hours for our trip, I guess I better get my act together and get some plans going.
  6. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    I think you will be able to get a lot done before your reservation and Be able to get a fast pass to use for when you are finished breaky. I think we are going to do this as well
  7. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    ME too!!! I was hoping this would happen. SO excited
  8. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    There are so many fun quick services to eat at. You will have an amazing time.
  9. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    Oh no that is so sad :(
  10. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    Sounds great!!! We have a WOC Dessert party August 1st Plaza Inn Breaky 10:30am Aug 2nd & 3rd, not sure which one yet Carthay Circle Lunch Aug 2nd & 3rd, not sure which one yet Lamplight early dinner August 4th Once I get a chance to see how Star Wars is over the next couple weeks I will...
  11. tlcdoula

    Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps.

    When we did the tour last August, we went did Great Moment with Lincoln and we were suppose to do alice but the ride broke as we were in line so they gave us a fast pass to ride anything we wanted in Disneyland. I loved this tour, we had a great time with the stories we were told as we walked...
  12. tlcdoula

    World of colour or fantasmic dining package?

    If you have never seen Fantasmic I would do a dining packing to see it. We have done the Blue Bayou which is pricey but if it is somewhere you would like to eat at anyways it isn't much more. We have also done the package for River belle and while it was nice to be sitting in a chair the view...
  13. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    Oh no, so sorry!! seems like it is all at once always!! I have made a few reservations and will figure out exactly what we will do once hours are released. Tomorrow we get our first day of hours haha, so hopefully by next week I can have that figured out. Honestly the Disney planning is...
  14. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    FYI World of color Dessert Party has times open for August 1 & 2nd now.. So happy we got that date we wanted!!
  15. tlcdoula

    Disney's ALL-STAR MOVIES RESORT Information & Questions

    We have only stayed at pop and all start sports. The rooms are nicer at pop but honestly if you don't spend much time at the hotel I think anything that is in your budget is fine. We may have to go to an all start again this time too..
  16. tlcdoula

    DLR people, get me pumped for WDW

    It is true that you need to plan out WDW more than DL but you can still have time to just explore the parks etc without running around from ride to ride. I do find that planning is half the fun in my WDW trips though. Pick a time during the day that you know you will be able to use your fast...
  17. tlcdoula

    Just Booked!!!!

    How exciting!!!! I drive my family and friends crazy with disney too... haha... We are waiting to book for that last few days of November into December 2020!! I can't wait
  18. tlcdoula

    An Overplanner Takes on WDW – Feb 2019 PTR (Updated 6/18/19)

    Not Crazy at all!!! or maybe we are all crazy hehehe... I just planned a last min trip to Disneyland with my daughter (22) for beginning of August.. That is last minute for me as I am also a planner that drives my travel buddies insane... and I am also in the middle of planning a trip for...
  19. tlcdoula

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    Yikes, that is a big increase for the year. I am trying to do the same time as we did last year but I can't get in to check prices. We are looking at Nov 28th - Dec 7th, I guess that is because it is to far away is it under 499 days that you can book?
  20. tlcdoula

    *August 2019 check in*

    This is what we are thinking too. We arrive mid day on a Thursday so I may debating going to try for the Friday or the Saturday for Star Wars. The Saturday will or should have a 7 am emh so that might be better.


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