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    ADR reservation start times

    ? Since 7 AM is when you can book not sure how I was lucky in the way you describe? Am I missing something? I booked at 3:40AM Pacific which would be 6:40Am. Edit- just saw it was a 6AM start. Well my travel agent is pretty much useless.
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    ADR reservation start times

    Thought I’d share that today was my 180 and got up at 3:40 AM (west coast) to make my reservations. I was surprised to see I was able to make all my reservations at that time and had all my bookings completed by 3:55am with no problems getting any restaurant at any time over spring break. Not...
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    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Anyone care to speculate when the renovations will be done? When the Sklyliner will be operational? We are going next year, April 13th for a week and am hoping the resort and new transportation option is ready to go.
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    Which shows will my light up ears work at?

    Was able to experience MK for a work function and they handed them out before the fireworks. Now heading back with the fam and wonder where else I can use these. TIA
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    Upcoming Trip

    Been following along for 7 months and our trip is finally upon us. Wanted to wait to ask these specific questions until some of the changes to DDP 2016 to 2017 transition had settled in. -What drinks are included at TS? For instance we don't drink soda, but love coffee. Could I get a latte or...
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    Disney Visa 10% discount Park Merchandise ?

    On the Disney Visa site it states you get 10% off in park purchases of $50 or more at select outlets. I have a few specific stores I'm curious about and I hope experts on here can verify eligibility at: -Bibity Boppity Boutique -Alex and Ani -Pandora also for the later two which parks and...
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    2017 Discounts, in line or less than last year?

    If the reports of softness are true, this could be a tactic to try and show strength. They may trickle in more discounts as Q4 rolls along and bookings fail to materialize. I work in hospitality Revenue Management and this is common.
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    Rumor has it.... discounts through March 7th

    We upgraded from AOA little mermaid with Deluxe dining for 2 adults and child to the POR- Royal rooms for only $300 more for a 7 night stay.
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    Disney's PORT ORLEANS RIVERSIDE Resort Information and Questions Thread

    Are the Royal rooms near the Lobby/Restaurants? Transportation?
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    Code watch February 2017

    Wouldn't they announce the promo for Visa holders first? I think you all are getting a little hyper.
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    2017 Release Watch :)

    Please, just keep calm.
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    Thinking about staying here in Feb, but the thought of no evening campfires or Outdoor movies is discouraging me. Any idea if these will be back anytime soon?
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    2017 Release Watch :)

    I keep seeing new posts here and hoping to see that new promos were announced but it appears this is just a thread to announce when you are going?:crazy2:
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    Bed Bugs

    If you think you were bit by Bed bugs please keep your luggage and anything that was in that room quarantined until you can get a professional bug guy to look through it. Otherwise you will have a nightmare on your hands if you did bring some home.
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    Mouse keeping? Tip or no?

    Housekeeping is by no means an easy job and that is why they are paid better than any front line position in hospitality. I do find that many people overtip as matter of being guilted into it by reading comments on boards like this (not bashing anyone). Tipping a housekeeper is a matter of...
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    Code watch February 2017

    I am paying our Vacation off with GC from Sams club as it saves 5%. I do have a Disney Visa and would want to take advantage of the early access. Any Idea of how much you need to pay on that card to qualify?
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    'Ohana Dinner Dining Advice with Children

    Not being rude but there are reasons why there are children prices. They will tell you no you cannot do that.
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    Who wants to help a gal (who's too cheap to pay for Touring Plans) out with crowd levels?

    Well TP only costs $10 a year..just saying. Also sharing the TP data for free is pretty much the equivalent of stealing. Please don't share.
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    Fantasmic Dinner Packages (Late January 2017-Early February 2017)

    Looks like through the end of January. Hope Feb pops up soon.
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    Having trouble making WS dining reservations for early February 2017

    Same issue...180+10 today and no Biergarten, Tutto or Fantasmic Dining available. Hope they load soon so I can be done with this piece and not have to keep checking.


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