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    How messy is your home right now?

    Super clean! My kids are gone to their dad's house for the summer so no one is around to make a mess. I work 2 jobs so I am never home to mess it up, either haha
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    Can we purchase the DDP for just one night?

    You can book it, but you have to call I do it all of the time
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    Contempo Cafe vs Captain Cooks?

    I would go to the Poly and Capt Cooks. I would also get a Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai and sit on the beach. I would also go upstairs to the lounge and get bread pudding because it is the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life
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    Tipsy Ducks in Love: A Honeymoon Trip Report/First Time Trip - January 2019 UPDATED 6/13!

    What a lovely dinner! I am not an adventurous eater so it looks very overwhelming to me but very awesome! I am sad that this trip report is ending - are you doing a pre trip report for your next trip? Also, you have missed your calling to WRITE! lol
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    Mattress Comfort level moderate vs deluxe

    Absolutely this. Swan and Dolphin have the best beds on property hands down but the dolphin is double/full and the swan is Queen I would book at the Swan just to sleep lol
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    Arriving before parks open to minimise the wait for popular rides

    As others have said, your wait just turns into lost park hours if you show up after rope drop We did this for AK on Sunday morning. Opening was 8am, we arrived at 7am. We were off of Flight of Passage by 8:10, the line for NaVi was posted at 15 minutes. We were off of that by 8:25. We went...
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    Disney Springs - AMC Theater question

    It's like any other theater to me, but I live in the Tampa area so we have all kinds of theaters If there is a movie playing that I want to see, then yes, but I wouldn't go to see just any movie for the sake of going
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    90 Day Fiancé!

    I love this show!
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    What East Coast Beach for a Family Vacation?

    Hilton Head!
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    Any good Fettuccini Alfredo anywhere??

    I used to get it at the Contempo Cafe but I just checked and it seems to be off of the menu there too That's a bummer
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    Tipsy Ducks in Love: A Honeymoon Trip Report/First Time Trip - January 2019 UPDATED 6/13!

    Your wife looks beautiful! Can't wait to hear about dinner!
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    A bit bored at the Studios

    bolding mine This is the smartest comment in this thread.
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    A bit bored at the Studios

    RNRR - super fun, love trying it from different rows ToT - LOVE! Been riding since it opened, randomized drops make it new every time Beauty and the Beast - One of the best show on property, Broadway quality, not to miss Lightning McQueens Racing Academy - Depends on the show times, if i have to...
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    A bit bored at the Studios

    I'm not a toddler and I do all of that except Disney Jr. And to be honest, I may go meet Fancy Nancy and go to the Dance party this weekend. I do not go to Disney just for rides, I go for all of the attractions they offer. I enjoy the Saucers. Again, if you INTENTIONALLY skip half of the...
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    A bit bored at the Studios

    I specifically said that UNLESS you are INTENTIONALLY skipping half the park, then it's not a half day I suppose if you skip half of the attractions it is only a half day but that's your own choice, not the park's fault
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    A bit bored at the Studios

    RNRR ToT Beauty and the Beast Lightning McQueens Racing Academy Frozen Sing a Long Star Tours Indiana Jones Launch Bay (3 meet and greets and a video attraction) Disney Jr. meet and greets Disney Jr. Dance Party Voyage of the Little Mermaid Meet Mike and Sully Slinky Dog Dash Alien Saucers TSMM...
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    What’s something you’re weird about..

    piggybacking on the cotton touching I can't touch cotton balls, wooden spoons, popsicle sticks, velvet, or chalk I literally can't. My hands reject it, I drop it immediately or throw it across the room lol
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    What would you do???

    Poly or BWV, for reasons mentioned above :)
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    What’s something you’re weird about..

    I have to use eggs from the carton from the middle outwards, and evenly on both sides I can't use the bread closest to the opening. I am literally forearm deep in the bread bag to get the piece I want I leave the last bite of everything, and the last sip of everything. I am literally incapable...
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    Racial profiling? At Disney???

    I think they do to a degree. When I go alone or with my white-looking kids (mixed but blue-green eyes and wavy/not curly hair) we never have to go through the metal detectors and my bag has gone through varying levels of inspection from a glance to a full out inspection If I go with my...


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