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  1. iamjustscott

    Food and Wine - Thursday 8/30 - Anyone going?

    I did go so I could pick up my magnet and try a few things. Everything I had was delicious and some I would probably get a second time!! Or a third or a fourth... lol
  2. iamjustscott

    Food and Wine - Thursday 8/30 - Anyone going?

    Anyone going to try to brave the early crowds and check out F&W tomorrow? I was thinking of going so I can A. Get my magnet, B. get my 1st entry for the stupid cutting board, and C. Grab some food, duh!!!! Anyone else going to be there?
  3. iamjustscott

    Disney after divorce

    After splitting up with my ex, I wondered what going to Disney would be like after countless RunDisney trips for her races. I’m now pretty much at the parks every weekend with my daughters making our own memories at Disney. Like a certain warthog says, “You gotta put your behind in the past”. So...
  4. iamjustscott

    Goodies for my new GoPro 5

    I bought an accessories kit on Amazon for roughly $16. It had all sorts of harnesses and clips and extensions for your GoPro 5 Black. I used it on the Kali River Rapids to take some fun videos of the kids getting soaked. Enjoy!
  5. iamjustscott

    Wine Bar George- Fantastic!

    The Wine bar. Unfortunately it was only a first date with no follow up date. Hind sight always being 20/20 I may have dodged a bullet there so no worries. Hakuna Matata.
  6. iamjustscott

    Toddler peanut allergy and WDW

    My 7 year old has a peanut allergy and we’re at the parks pretty much every weekend. (Perks of being local) There are plenty of snack and foods to choose from and most of the sit down restaurants normally ask if there are any allergies they need to be aware of. I know it may seem daunting and...
  7. iamjustscott

    Wine Bar George- Fantastic!

    I went here for a “first date” and it really surprised me 1. How good it was and 2. How big it actually is. Since we were only meeting for drinks we each had a couple glasses of wine which the server was more than happy to answer any questions we had. We ended up doing the Chocolate Experience...
  8. iamjustscott

    All Star Movies Cinnamon Bun Cheeseburger

    I took my girls recently to All Star Movies just for lunch so we could try their “Secret Menu”. The other items left a little to be desired but the Cinnamon Bun Burger was definitely a winner and something we would have again. I would suggest trying it at least once.
  9. iamjustscott

    Ideas for a "Your First Trip to Disney" package

    No ears???? If you are doing F&W, maybe one of their little wrist gift cards to use while at Epcot.
  10. iamjustscott

    Chicken Guy

    I ate there this past Saturday with my two daughters (7 & 11). Being a new place, of course it was really busy. One thing we did NOT like was there's not a lot of seating inside. In fact there's not a lot of space inside at all. A majority of the seating is outside which as most of you know can...
  11. iamjustscott

    Single parent Disney trip question

    I'm a single dad of two awesome girls (7 and 11) and we Disney it up almost every weekend. Our little party of 3 will sometimes encounter rides where one person has to ride alone but I believe the rule is as long as the child is 7, they can ride without an adult. Younger than that they need to...
  12. iamjustscott

    Never made a solo trip. Pros and cons?

    So I've been going to DW for as long as I can remember. There's a picture somewhere of my mom holding me in front of Cinderella's castle only a few months old. Then as a kid living only 3 hours away, we would make weekend trips to Disney pretty often. Fast forward 20 something years and I moved...
  13. iamjustscott

    The official SINGLES SEEKING SINGLES dating thread- PROFILES ONLY!!!

    First Name: Scott Location: Orlando Age: 42 Sex:M Hair/Eye Color: Black / Dark brown Body Type: More to Love Ethnicity: Latino Occupation: Supply Chain Do you have any kids: 2 kids Do you have any pets: 2 kids :-) Favorite activities: Movies, people watching, beer aficionado, tequila...
  14. iamjustscott

    Anyone want to meet up...TODAY?! Ongoing post for same day Meetups!

    I'm local too. Wish I would have seen this last night. LOL


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