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  1. oakleycat

    Legoland - October

    I would do Friday as it will be the least crowded and you should have no problem doing everything you want to do, unless you want to do the waterpark which is only open on weekends in October. The waterpark is fun but small compared to other waterparks, so if you are a frequent waterpark...
  2. oakleycat

    Beach with Tidepools

    Leo Carrillo is the only beach up that way I've been to with tidepools. Not as nice as Corona del Mar to the south but still fun.
  3. oakleycat

    Where to watch a game?

    We stay at the Westgate every year, for an event that just happens to be during March Madness, so have watched a lot of basketball there. It's a huge area with every possible sporting event televised, and the game will be on the biggest tvs. But the food is mediocre (snack bar with pizza...
  4. oakleycat

    Legoland - dining tips for peak holidays, inside and outside the park

    I agree on the park food being mediocre. The Knights Smokehouse is our favorite too, but nothing amazing. I haven't been to the Castle Hotel yet, but have never found anything great on site in the park or Legoland Hotel. We usually walk over to the Karl Strauss just outside the parking lot...
  5. oakleycat

    Kualoa Ranch UTV tour

    We did this two years ago when they first started offering it and my kids (then 8 and 10) loved it. We did the one hour tour. It is totally different from the VIP tour as you go offroad, through streams, etc and we got really dirty but it was a lot of fun. You see a lot of filming locations...
  6. oakleycat

    Knotts - weekend vs weekday

    Definitely weekday if you can. All the passholders go on the weekends. The crowds on weekdays when school's in session are usually very low.
  7. oakleycat

    Suggestions for things to do in LA

    Huntington Library was going to be my first suggestion so glad to see it is popular. I agree with JPL and the Museum of Tolerance as well, both are fascinating. The Skirball Center is great too. If you're looking for something quick and unique the pop-up museums are big right now. I haven't...
  8. oakleycat

    Whoa-oh Down in Mexico: Coronado Island and 4-days on the Wonder-COMPLETE

    Great report! We're thinking about doing the 4 day out of SD for a cruise fix and can't wait to hear about it. We have two boys, 10 & 12 (who also swim and play water polo) who love the Del and Legoland. We used to have annual passes and they have been asking to go back as we haven't been in a...
  9. oakleycat

    New Castaway gifts??

    An annual change would be great. We have three beach bags and a sling and hope they will have changed by next year!
  10. oakleycat

    Newport Beach, California!

    If you're going to be there early (I assume around 8:00 for a 9:00 departure) you shouldn't have a problem finding parking. There are both street parking and paid lots available. Afterwards, go do any of the things suggested in this thread, if you don't want to look for parking again you'll be...
  11. oakleycat

    Should I buy lanyards for my kids pre-cruise?

    We gave my 9 yo self-checkout privileges on our last cruise (had to be with his 11 yo brother and had been on several prior cruises) and made them both use lanyards after the older one lost his KTTW card the first day. They both had charging privileges but didn't buy anything except popcorn at...
  12. oakleycat

    Chairs on Castaway Cay before 5k

    We grab chairs on our way to the 5K, mostly to have a place to store our stuff. We leave our bags with suits, towels, hats and sunscreen on chairs on the family beach and have never had anything taken (4x now). By the time we get back all of the chairs around are taken, but we have never...
  13. oakleycat

    How do you schedule/plan a private DCL mixology or beverage seminar?

    Same for ours, we got the dates about a month ahead of time, and they were both on port days so many people dropped out due to conflicting excursions.
  14. oakleycat

    Drive from Disney to Warner Brothers?

    You should have plenty of time. The ride from WB Studios back to Loews is quick (15 minutes so probably no more than 30 even with heavy traffic) and if you grab lunch at one of the Hollywood and Highland restaurants you shouldn't have a problem getting on the road by 1:30. I've never waited...
  15. oakleycat

    Newport Beach, California!

    Crazy this just got revived, I was just at the beach next to Balboa Pier yesterday! Weather and beach were absolutely beautiful!
  16. oakleycat

    San Diego Zoo or Safari Park

    I prefer the Safari Park too, but in August I might choose the Zoo just because it is so hot. We're used to the heat and can't take it there on the 100+ August days.
  17. oakleycat

    Outlet malls

    I've never seen much parks merchandise in the Ontario Mills or Citadel stores either.
  18. oakleycat

    Griffith Observatory. . .where to park to get the DASH bus?

    I agree with with StageTek as to plan. If you want the cheapest on Hollywood Blvd park at Hollywood & Highland and use that as your base. The lots down the street closer to the Pantages will be a little more. Red line to Olvera Street. The station is under the W hotel right across the street...
  19. oakleycat

    Questions About Universal

    Regarding your questions about HP at USH compared to USO, the HP area at USH is pretty much the same as the Hogsmeade half of USO, which is less than half of what they have there. USO has Hogsmeade, Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley, with Diagon Alley being the most amazing and having the best...
  20. oakleycat

    Advice on San Diego Hotels

    The Del was my favorite beach to take my kids too when they were younger and we lived in SD, so I think it's a great choice if the construction is not going to be a problem). La Jolla Shores is also fantastic too, and has a lot more good, affordable restaurant options so I don't think you can...


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