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  1. tarheelalum

    Black tap strategy

    The service is a big negative with a lot of people at Ballast Point's Anaheim location. The food is not what a lot of people expect from them. I've been to their San Diego location many times and it is fantastic on every way. Hopefully they can get the Anaheim location running like their Little...
  2. tarheelalum

    Halloween Time Superthread 2019: "Oogie Boogie Bash" Party to Be Held in DCA ONLY!

    Disneyland usually starts giving out info on the Halloween treats in late August so we are two months away from treat info. Halloween has the most amazing treats of the entire year. I can't wait!! I love the pumpkin bread pudding at the Wharf. I love pretty much anything pumpkin !! Hopefully...
  3. tarheelalum

    Is Disneyland as magical as Disney World ?

    Disneyland is the park Walt built and regularly attended. It is the ultimate in Disney magic.
  4. tarheelalum

    Black tap strategy

    That seems to be the consensus of most of the reviews I've seen. Also the reviews seem pretty ehh on Ballast Point.
  5. tarheelalum

    Halloween Time Superthread 2019: "Oogie Boogie Bash" Party to Be Held in DCA ONLY!

    With the parties all falling on school nights this year, they may not sell too many parties out. Halloween will for sure and probably the Sunday before but other than that I'd say its a gamble. But as someone who is going I love the idea of parties not selling out. I hope the place is dead when...
  6. tarheelalum

    October or November?

    From October through the 1st week in January the parks are usually very crowded. Its the busy season for Disneyland. Also the days when they start decorations change sometimes so try not to cut it close on the dates if you really want to see certain things.
  7. tarheelalum

    Magic Bands coming to Disneyland???

    I work for companies that do a lot data mining. I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, just educated in how big companies use data and sometimes lie to people about it. And to answer your question, yes I absolutely care. I do not know anyone I work with who doesn't care about it.
  8. tarheelalum

    Magic Bands coming to Disneyland???

    They would have to pay to assemble that info but with a magic band your paying them. While wearing it, they know your every move. They know what you like to eat. What size shirt you wear. How long does it take for you to go back to your room during the day. If you like to eat after a ride and...
  9. tarheelalum

    3 day hopper or 2?

    More is always better at Disneyland.
  10. tarheelalum

    Magic Bands coming to Disneyland???

    Magic bands are a massive downside if you care about your privacy. Disney uses those Magic bands to get all of your personal information so they can sell it and profit from you. They sell it to you as a connivence but its really just for their profits. And you are paying them for that band so...
  11. tarheelalum

    Magic Bands coming to Disneyland???

    Then maybe you should not come to Disneyland if getting all of those cards in and out of your wallet is too exhausting. We'll just have to soldier on without you.
  12. tarheelalum

    October 2019 Check-In Thread!

    100 day count down to October 1st !!!
  13. tarheelalum

    Indiana Jones - down again?

    I listened to a podcast about the ride a few years ago and it is an incredibly complicated system. Every single car is constantly varying speed. You never get the same ride twice and with slow loading and off loading of cars is where the problems come in. The reboot process is also very...
  14. tarheelalum

    Magic Bands coming to Disneyland???

    The whole magic band garbage can stay at WDW.
  15. tarheelalum

    Free parking at any hotels near DLR with AAA?

    The Hotel Indigo really is a great place to stay.
  16. tarheelalum

    Soarin over Cali

    Just like with the fiasco at the Main street Cinemas, when significant public pressure is placed on Disney, they will do the right thing. Now we must continue to keep the pressure on Disney to keep Soaring over California permanently where it belongs.
  17. tarheelalum

    When to go in 2020 for warm weather and manageable crowds

    Go when the Deluxe AP passes are blocked and you'll be pretty good.
  18. tarheelalum

    DLR people, get me pumped for WDW

    I agree. Its all really absurd for WDW to make it so complicated. Luckily this will be a one and done trip for us so whatever happens, happens. I'd much rather not waste the time and money on WDW. I tried to get her to go to Tokyo Disney instead but she is set on WDW. We are going for at least...
  19. tarheelalum

    Ballast Point?

    Both Crazy Shake and Ballast Point seem to be a disappointment from what I've read in the latest reviews. I"ll stick with the Jazz Kitchen.
  20. tarheelalum

    Indiana Jones - down again?

    Very true.


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