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  1. designermv

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Just back from 8 nights at the Poly, CL. We had a wonderful stay. We ended up on the first floor, all the way down (from the main Hawaii entrance), facing the bungalows in room 1518 (I think...) I am fairly certain we were booked for the 'cheapest' view per our rate, but we sat on our little...
  2. designermv

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Greetings from Hawaii 1518!
  3. designermv

    ~~***Official April 2017 Thread***~~

    I've been counting down for this trip for-ev-a and now all of the sudden I am 24 days out and I can't believe it.
  4. designermv

    Anyone at WDW right now? Looking for this Stitch plush.

    Thank you so much! Very glad I asked because I was assuming they'd be in the parks/resorts. I'll order online so I can bring them with me in my luggage.
  5. designermv

    Anyone at WDW right now? Looking for this Stitch plush.

    I wasn't sure where to post this, mods, please move if this is not the appropriate forum. We are going to WDW April 10-18, which means we will be there for Easter. I want to get this Stitch Easter bunny that is available through, but if I can pick it up on-property that would be...
  6. designermv

    Same Day - Kona Breakfast, WCC Lunch

    Two TS meals so close together on a hot day in August? There is no way I could do it. But, you know your family and their eating habits.
  7. designermv

    Can I play "guess my dog breed" too?

    katie01, not entirely sure of your cutie's DNA, but I'm pretty sure she is definitely part Lorax. :ssst:
  8. designermv

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    There are a few longhouses that are very close to GCH (Grand Ceremonial House AKA "lobby") and the monorail. I would just put in a request saying you want to be close to those things. We were in Raratonga one year and it was super convenient to GCH, we really liked that aspect of it. Tikiman has...
  9. designermv

    New Englanders: Good lobster at WDW?

    VINEYARD LOBSTA ROLLS! My mom's old house was half a mile up the road from Grace Church. Can't go wrong with most lobster rolls on MV. :)
  10. designermv

    Poly CL vs Standard room with Dining Plan

    I would do Poly CL over Poly standard with dining plan any day. I've done DDP several times and I always feel like there is way too much food. I think it also depends on your family's dining style and preferences too. Some don't feel that CL offerings are a "meal replacement" and while we always...
  11. designermv

    Bay Lake Tower vs Polynesian

    If neither of you have stayed at Poly, I'd choose that, hands-down. I'm a die-hard Poly lover, but stayed at CR when the Poly was undergoing major construction. I really liked CR, but when it comes to overall ambience and theming, inside and out, I don't think BLT or CR compares to the Poly. The...
  12. designermv

    Free Dining 2014 Discussion

    RO discounts usually end up being a better deal than FD in the Deluxe resorts. :)
  13. designermv

    Single Parent Meets

    Single mom (43) here (well, mid-divorce). I have two girls ages 4 and 9. We did our first "just us girls" trip last October and it was amazing! I had some friends there at the same time which was nice. We're heading back in October this year.
  14. designermv

    Taxi fare from BWI to airport??

    I read this as BWI = Baltimore Washington International and was going to say, why not just take a flight to MCO, it's probably cheaper than a taxi. ;)
  15. designermv

    TEMPORARY Refrigerator Removal from WDW Resorts

    I asked this question on the Disney TA blog, and got this reply directly from Disney:
  16. designermv

    TEMPORARY Refrigerator Removal from WDW Resorts

    I think there will be a limited number of refrigerators available at every resort for clients with medical needs. I would contact your TA just to let her/him know, and that was she/he can note it on your reservation that you need one. :) Edited to add that this is what Disney is advising their...
  17. designermv

    TEMPORARY Refrigerator Removal from WDW Resorts

    In response to the comments on the DTA blog, this is the only additional info offered via Disney: "This is for all Resorts, except Disney Vacation Club rooms and the cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. Currently we do not have an exact timeframe for when the fridges will be...
  18. designermv

    What is going on at BC/YC in late Nov 13 - Dec 13???

    Google tells me there is this, which falls in those dates And this And this...
  19. designermv

    Poly Refurb

    Oh that would be amazing! That new GF play area is awesome. Thanks for the info! I'm heading there in late October. My stay last November (2012) was a lovely view from Samoa, 3rd floor, fencing, workers, and big ditches. :scared:


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