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  1. TestingH2O

    Mickey and Minnie"s Surprise Party

    I've heard 3:00 and 3:45. We sail on Saturday so I guess we will find out then.
  2. TestingH2O

    Best Place to Make Adult Dining Changes

    I need to try and make a change to my adult dining reservation once I get on board. Has anyone had better luck at Palo/Remy vs Enchanted Garden? Both open at 12:30, but I wonder if one usually has a shorter line.
  3. TestingH2O

    My family is traveling concierge except for my 7 year old DD who is in an inside stateroom w/grandma, will DD be able to board concierge with us?

    Ok, so here are some official "rules" 1. Only concierge guests in concierge rooms board early 2. Only concierge guests in concierge rooms go to the lounge and events 3. Each guest must go to the muster station associated with the stateroom to which they are assigned 4. Concierge guests may book...
  4. TestingH2O

    Current variety acts on the fantasy

    The order of shows shouldn't change. I think they learned their lesson after the double show debacle last summer. I'm also curious about the variety acts. We sail in 9 days!
  5. TestingH2O

    Castaway Cabanas have disappeared

    Interesting. They are gone from my June sailing too. Other adventures that are sold out still show up, but not those.
  6. TestingH2O

    IPhone help need for pop-up on this site

    Exactly this. The pop-ups were terrible and then stopped. Upgrade happened, and they are back in force. It's awful.
  7. TestingH2O

    Info on Concierge please..

    Concierge rooms are usually ready when you board.
  8. TestingH2O

    SWDaS and Magic porthole characters.

    They are! And at night the Death Star appears. This is from 2017 but I cannot imagine they took that away.
  9. TestingH2O

    Best time to buy DCL merch on the ship?

    If you see something you like, buy it. This is especially true of sized items as when they run out of a certain size, there is a good chance there are no more. I've also heard they allocate a certain number of each size/item per cruise, so once that number are sold, they are gone. One thing to...
  10. TestingH2O

    Just When He Thought He Was Out, We Pulled Him Back In - 5 Night Magic 3/22/2019 (Complete 6/7)

    Overall Reflections This was a great trip! I am so happy that the Magic redeemed itself after our meh experience last summer. DH was worried about cruising for 5 days and thought it might be too long. However, he thought it was great! While obviously I prefer a longer trip, it is very hard...
  11. TestingH2O

    Just When He Thought He Was Out, We Pulled Him Back In - 5 Night Magic 3/22/2019 (Complete 6/7)

    Debarkation Well, the day was here. It was time to give up our spot to another family. I woke up around 6:30 and got ready. DH and DD were up soon after. We headed to Cabanas for breakfast. We've only tried the dining room once on the last morning, and we really prefer the laid back...
  12. TestingH2O

    I had hoped to get to Cuba

    Sorry yes, cancel for any reason. I assume many people purchase that level of coverage because, why wouldn't you?
  13. TestingH2O

    I had hoped to get to Cuba 1. I'm bummed I didn't squeeze in a trip when I could. 2. I bet trip insurance companies are sweating this and the claims people inside of the...
  14. TestingH2O

    Juneau port

    Yes walkable, but a long walk. DCL had a free bus to town when we were there. Maybe do the team for an activity? If the weather is clear, the views are awesome.
  15. TestingH2O

    So with "Frozen" show coming to the Fantasy...

    I agree with this. I like the idea of each ship having its own special show. I like the idea of a special restaurant on each ship too (or Tiana's and Rapunzel's.) Wishful thinking on my part, but maybe instead of having shows playing on multiple ships, they will rotate them instead. There are...
  16. TestingH2O

    Just When He Thought He Was Out, We Pulled Him Back In - 5 Night Magic 3/22/2019 (Complete 6/7)

    See Ya Real Soon Show This is always a special thing for us. DD loves getting one last chance to see the characters. This time, we brought her in her PJs because we knew we'd be up early the next day. Ariel was so amazing on this trip. DD could have talked with her for hours...
  17. TestingH2O

    DCL Navigator App - Tech for the sake of tech?

    I don't hate the app, but it has very clear shortcomings. 1. Chat functionality is ridiculous. Hopefully iMessage will continue to be complementary. 2. DCL caters to families. Many families, including mine, don't provide electronic devices for their young kids. 3. There's a lot of water...
  18. TestingH2O

    I think I might prefer land trips over cruising

    This 100%. These days I usually travel with DD and my parents. Honestly cruising is so easy for mukti-generational trips. If I get to travel on my own or just with my mom again though, I'd be much more flexible. In a few years, when DD can manage her own luggage, I think she'd be a great...


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