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    Sci Fi Dine In- Yay or Nay?

    we went for lunch one year. I had always wanted to dine there and we did enjoy it but the food was nothing to rave about. for us it was a one and done type deal. I'd definitely not dine there for dinner so late. try for lunch, I think it's better suited for that time of day
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    WWYD? Date night at Disney

    why not try something in Disney Springs? Then you could walk around, have a few drinks, get dessert somewhere.
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    October 2019 - beach club vs swan vs Coronado springs

    I've stayed at Beach Club and at CSR but not Swan/Dolphin. In fact, I was going to book Swan on our April stay and booked Coronado instead for the first time and we loved the resort. I really enjoyed Beach Club esp if you are planning a few resort days. We loved the ability to walk into Epcot...
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    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Right now we have plans to go to MK our first night, and since I didn't book party, I can go at opening that Thursday and also catch EMH on Wednesday evening. Hoping to get in everything we want during those times.
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    What is the scoop on XMas Eve in Magic Kingdom?

    We were at MK for Christmas Eve in 2018. in fact, we left the park just before midnight and were on the bus back to our resort at midnight. someone yelled "Merry Christmas" and the whole bus replied in unison. Was pretty cool. We felt the park was manageable, esp the later it was and...
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    **Disney After Hours-Hollywood Studios** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    do you think they will add any dates for the beginning of August before the new land opens?
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    Very Merry Christmas Party

    I've never done the first party, but we did the last party to start our Christmas trip 2 years ago and we loved it.
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    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    I keep going back and forth on this. We've done both the Halloween and Christmas parties but never an after hours event. We will be in Disney for a week. Since it will be hot, we got the water park plus tickets this trip. If we went, it would have to be the last night, Aug. 8th, which I...
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    Mini Golf Reservations?

    this is definitely interesting. we were staying one night before our Easter cruise and wanted to mini golf but the wait was over an hour for any of the Disney courses. I definitely would have made an advance reservation if it had been available. this is a great option for busier/holiday times.
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    Christmas crowds and opinions/advice for parks please

    We did the Candlelight Processional Package and chose to do the breakfast at Garden Grill that morning PPO (8:15) and had the first showing - we paid OOP for that package so breakfast was cheaper. We went right from breakfast onto Soarin so that worked well for us. We definitely left the park...
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    Christmas crowds and opinions/advice for parks please

    We were there 2 years ago. Started our trip doing the last MVMCP - I see you have the last party night scheduled. We spent Christmas Eve in Epcot and did the Candlelight Processional (1st showing), had dinner then hopped over to MK and stayed until right before midnight. We didn't do a park...
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    Renting DVC points?

    There is a section on these boards where owners rent out their points. I'd start there. We used to stay mostly offsite until I started renting DVC points. We love the DVC resorts and we are a family of 4 who tend to stay in a studio. For 2 of you, a studio will be plenty of space. It's...
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    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    I'm so mad at myself because I went into my account and was going to order but figured I'd wait and see what the kids wanted. When I initially went in, everything was available and by the time I went back, nothing....I'm hoping they replenish their stock as my trip is after July 3rd
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    A little scared.....

    There is a DVC section here on the boards where owners rent their points. Reach out and establish a relationship with an owner. See if there are any rooms available right now for the resorts you want and go from there. Find out your options and cost then research some alternate options if...
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    Canceling Boardwalk and moving to Swan within 12 days of trip, what issues should I be aware of?

    I always second guess my decisions when it comes to this stuff myself. Believe me, I had 3 different resorts booked before our cruise this past April. Think of it this way, that $500 could be spent on an excursion or splurge on specialty dining on the cruise. Heck, it can cover the cost of...
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    Coronado Vs. Beach Club - Help???

    We stayed at Beach Club for a week and really enjoyed it. Loved the pool and overall feel of the resort. We utilized being able to walk to/from Epcot and DHS. If going for a week and you can afford it, then I would not hesitate to stay here. Having said that, we just stayed one night before...
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    Typhoon Lagoon H2O Glow - thoughts?

    We are also thinking about August 3rd. I contemplated the Villans event but just can't seem to justify the price for it. This seems more reasonable, something we've never done, and I agree not having to worry about sunscreen and hot pavements, with DJ music sounds pretty cool and a nice start...
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    Today was Fastpass day!! Jackpot!

    I booked mine on Monday and felt I had a hard time getting stuff. The website was acting up and every time I got one and said I'd like another on the same day, I couldn't get any times and had to say select another day. So by the time I'd go and do that, times I initially saw were gone. It...
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    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    We are also a family of 4, 2 adults 2 teens. We have been back and forth on the value of this as well. Initially, I was all in on the Aug. 8th party, figured it would give us an extra day that we don't need park ticket since we are buying Park Hopper Plus tickets this trip. But at over $600...
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    Best choice for Year End Week

    When we were there for NYE, we spent the afternoon/early evening in Disney Springs as the parks were too crowded for us. I didn't want to have to get there early and spend the entire day there til midnight.


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